Mad Church Disease

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Recently I picked up and then put down Anne Jackson’s Mad Church Disease
Now when I say I put it down, I mean that in a very good way. I bought the book on
Saturday and finished it today (Tuesday). Needless to say, it was a good book.

I would suggest you buy this book and read it based off of a couple things I learned from
this book:

1) Burnout
At some point we will all taste burnout.
I am the son of a burnout and I know all to well what it is like
when people burnout. There are several ways to react,
and for most of us, we do not know how.
In MCD Anne talks about how to react, respond, and then to work through burnout.
She does a great job of giving simple, practical, and very useful ways to work through burnout.

2) Am I burned out?
You might be wondering about burnout, what it is and do you have it.
Anne does a great job of giving you a symptoms test to see if you classify under the category burnout. Another great reason to read the book.

3) Interviews
At the end of each chapter, Anne does interviews with different leaders
around the country finding out how they have dealt with different matters of having mad church disease.
Whether it be their physical, spiritual, or emotional health
to how they dealt with handling conflict,
she gives us a little glimpse into conversations she has had with other great leaders.

4) Questions
This to me was the best part. The questions at the end of each chapter
were well worth the price of the book.
It helped me work through some of my own issues that I was having
and turned out to be very therapeutic.

5) It has a cool title
If you want to know what Mad Church Disease is you will just have to buy the book and see for yourself.

I give Mad Church Disease a 4 0ut of 5. It is a subject that needs to be addressed and Anne does a great job of showing her sin nature side and honesty about who and where she was and how she is continuing to pursue God and not the church. I wish she would have told some more stories about when she was younger and how she dealt with the issues of being a pastor’s kids and the shaping effect that had on her life. But she gives enough of a glimpse to see the picture.

I leave you with this question that she was asked and eventually led to her writing this book. If you answer yes, you might want to read this book:
Does Working at this church interfere with your communion with Christ?


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  • anne jackson

    this is such a great review kyle! thanks so much.
    would you mind copying/pasting it into amazon?