March Recap of Post

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

There has been a lot of great conversation that has been happening this month on Standing on Giants.

I have enjoyed writing post and have really enjoyed the engagement from everyone. I wanted to share with you some post that have had some great conversation and discussion over this past month.

1. Are Conferences Relevant To 20 Somethings

This brought about the biggest discussion of the month. It is well worth going back and really reading through the comments. There are some great commentaries on this subject and thoughts. There were even some conference guys who put on conferences for a living that weighed in. Great conversation.

2. Does Love Win?

A post about Rob Bell and Love Wins. Some conversation about his latest book, but mainly a dialogue about a sermon he preached in 2007 about the very subject that is Love Wins.

3. I Have Chris Tomlin Fatigue

Yes I said it and yes most people agreed with me. After listening to the latest offerings up from the Passion album I responded by writing this post about Chris Tomlin and the amount of times I have heard him at church, radio, Christian book stores, and soccer moms mini vans. The conversation was great on this post.

4. Blogging tips for Non-Writers

This was a guest post from Jeff Goins that was filled with some great practical advice that people really seemed to resonate with. I probably come back to this post at least once a week to review and remind myself of the different things offered up.

5. Insert What You Want

No I did not write a post called “Insert What You Want”. Instead I want you to insert a post in the comment section that was your favorite of March. No it does not have to come from this blog. It could come from your blog, a friends blog, or Seth Godins blog. Just insert something in the comment stream so we can go and check them out.

The month of March has been glorious. A great NCAA Tourney, start of the 2011 MLB Baseball season, and a lot of work that came my way.

You have any highlights you want to share that happened in March?


Don’t forget to insert a link to a post as well.

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  • Jeff Goins

    Thanks for the kind words, Kyle. It’s an honor to be a part of the conversation happening on your blog.