Productivity Hacking: Find Momentum To Get More Done

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

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Productivity has one main goal: get things done.
One of the best ways to be more productivity is to use momentum.
Momentum is found in things that we accomplish.
The more we accomplish, the more momentum we find to a do more things.

My productivity hack for getting things done is to find momentum in the little things I do.


Momentum is hard to understand. But I started to see its impact when I chose to wake up early rather than sleep.
For the longest time I would sleep in till I had to get up and go to work. Thinking I was getting more rest for my day, but realizing that I was tired and overwhelmed by my daily to-do list, the time that I used for sleep was robbing me of momentum for my day.

That all changed when I decided to start waking up early and reading. Arising 3 hours before I had to go to work set off productivity momentum that carried me through the day. It had nothing to do for when I woke up, it had everything to do with the small wins that I accomplished in that time.

Regardless of if you are a morning person or a late night person, finding that momentum to push you over the edge is the key to getting anything done.
Productivity hacking comes down to finding ways to get wins. And when I talk about wins I am specifically focusing on getting things done.

Wins could be…

-Write a long overdue blog post
-Read a chapter of a book
-Make yourself breakfast
-Do 20 minutes of stretching
-Take the dog for a walk
-Have a meaningful conversation before 8AM
-Go for a late night run

Momentum really has nothing to do with time of day, but rather when you complete your task. Momentum builds upon itself and moves you forward to bigger things. Instead of starting out with the goal of writing a thousand words when you wake up, set the goal of writing 3 tweets for the day. Instead of trying to come up with an idea to make more revenue, focus on 2 small steps towards your previous idea on revenue generation.

If you watch any baseball, you know that sometimes a rally starts with a walk. If someone gets on base it could be the spark that gets the team going. Next thing you know, the bases are loaded, your best hitter is at the plate and hits a grand slam to put your team up by 4 runs. The rally had to start somewhere, and it started with that small win of the first guy getting on base.

Momentum comes down to finding those little wins that will lead you to accomplishing the next step until you have reached the top of your dream.

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Productivity Hacking: Find Momentum To Get More Done

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  • scottesavage

    Great post, Kyle! Several years ago, I slept as late as possible (I stayed up as late as possible too). Now, it’s up early, with a workout and often plan for tackling my to-do list and action items by the time I get to my office. Thanks for encouraging us!

    • @kylereed

      Absolutely Scott. I am with you on this one. I definitely struggled with this but now that I get up early it is great to see what it does for my day. Thanks for sharing