Monday Thoughts

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

a monday like most mondays, the sun has rose over the east and the wind is cold. The 7/8th grade men are restless and we are listening to crappy music. It is a good day…

-Purchased the new coldplay ep today. This ep contains tracks that were left over from Viva la Vida. Really good stuff
-Watched 24 redemption last night, awesomeness was had by all. I found it funny that it was called redemption, made me feel a little better about missing church that night.
-Some of the most recent converts to the iPhone family is my family. My sister and Dad both got iPhones this last week. Pretty exciting. I feel like a parent of the child that is the star in the school play.
-Speaking of plays, I went to a high school play this weekend. Good stuff, shout out to Eric Peters, he did a great job, funny and sexy as well.
-Looking forward to the time off, we get out of school on Tuesday. Much needed.
-Looking forward to the weekend, have a bachelor party and a breakfast with old friends (and their wives, dangit)
-Reading a new book this week, “The myth of a christian nation” by Greg Boyd, it is awesome and I got it for 4 bones.
-Leaving on Thursday for grandparents house, always an interesting time. Meeting a couple new family members that I have not met before.
-Also forgot that this weekend is my sisters 18th birthday, I am getting her a cigar
-My other sister, Kamrie, has her first varsity basketball game tonight. I am excited, but very nervous for her.
-Encourage everyone to try and find time to serve somewhere, whether it be church, a homeless shelter, your home, or Africa. Find somewhere and be Jesus.
-Busy week ahead of me and I am ready to sleep.

Grace and Peace (very trendy to say this now)

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