Monday, well kind of

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Well, it is Tuesday, a day later than Monday. You might be wondering why I am writing Monday thoughts on a Tuesday. Let me explain…I am a teacher, teachers get snow days, we had a snow day yesterday, therefore A+B=no work on Monday.

Some thoughts
-After a fellow blogger hit it big time on the blogworld last week, I wonder: How do I become big time?
-Journey to Bethlehem, our churches annual reenactment of the birth of Jesus, went really well last week. We had record numbers two of the four nights and only had bad weather on Sunday. Good times had by all.
-Homecoming was last Friday and Saturday. Let me tell you, I felt really old. Only seeing one person from my class walk through the doors does something to you.
-We won our homecoming game by 8 or so. The pep club was in full effect. It was awesome, we had about 70 students wearing pink shirts and yelling the whole game.
-I am for some reason, tired.
-Once you have a snow day, you want everyday to be a snow day.
-I felt like a little kid today, waking up early to see if school was closed
-I need a vacation
-got a wedding to attend this weekend. One of my good friends Ryan Peters. The only problem, it is six hours away
-Got an awesome present as well for him, I will put pictures up later
-Have a going away party for a teacher today, she is pregnant and this is her last week. Lucky
-Finals are Thursday and Friday, it will be interesting to see the results of a whole semester

Thats about all I got, check out rethinkchristmas website, pretty cool stuff.

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  • Anonymous

    Well, would ya look at that? Pregnant teacher is leaving. Sad, eh? I bet all your students are gonna miss her.

    -The Nameless

  • Casey

    snow day yesterday? lucky!

    love your monday posts btw.