After a long weekend of football and 24 I am proud to say that I have made it through another week of not cutting my hair. Here are some thouhts from the last week as well as the upcoming week.

-24 is back, I have been waiting for this for what seems like 2 years (actua l 2 years). We love 24 so much that we named our Dog Jack in honor of Jack Bower, he is almost as cool as Jack Bower too.

-The feed was terrible, it continued to cut in and out (great restaruant) and we lost sound for a bit. kind of put a damper in the whole event.

-I met with a bunch of “therapist” today to go over a blog that I created for my dad and his counseling network. I hope they understodd what I was talking about. Go check it out though, pretty interesting. Click here

-I got Bon Jovi’s greatest hits last week for 2 bones. Great deal and great music. They are old though

-I also got my turntables in last week. Pretty excited about these, I going to be an awesome DJ and that is the truth.

-Is it me, or is “Christian” music in a bit of a slump/break. There seems to be no new music out there from some good artist. We can discuss the whole term Christian artist, but that is besides the point. I do know that Deas Vail is coming out with a new CD in Ferbruary. Can’t wait, check them out

-I miss being in Vegas, not going to lie. It has officially been a year since i left on that cold Friday morning and I miss it. I need to go back and visit.

-I am following  a new minister on twitter, Pete Wilson. Seems like a cool guy with some good thoughts. I like him. Thanks @brennanloveless

-Sloppy Joe’s are awesome

-I went 2 for 4 in my playoff picks and I almost picked Arizona. I should have, I would have been a genius.

-It is amazing how many people are in the gyms these days. The New Years Resolutions are in full effect, lets see how long they last.

-Got another basketball game for our Varsity boys team that I have to be at for Pep Club. Fun time had by all, but I will be missing 24.

-I love our DVR

Those are my thoughts, I plan on putting a post up about my travel to Vegas later in the week. Until then “Keep the faith” in the words of Bon Jovi track 2 on their greatest hits album.

Peace and Love*Kyle

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  • Ben

    Christian music has been in a permanent slump. They didn’t think Katy Perry had what it took – so you may see the problem. Booo christian music industry.

  • Emily

    your dads blog rocks. nice job