Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Mother’s Day is only a month away (if you are a bit foggy on the date it is May 8th). Seeing how I get a lot of traffic from the googles because of this post I wrote entitled “A Letter To My Mom On Her Birthday” I decided it would be beneficial to write about some Mother Day gift ideas. These are all ideas that I have thought through and think would be a unique gift. I still think no matter what you do, giving from the heart is the most important thing a mother could ask for.

1. A Mixtape

My mom loves music, she just doesn’t know what music she loves. If your mom is like mine, she has her CD player filled with the same CD that you got her for Christmas 3 years ago. What a great way to say I love you then to provide her with some freshness to her ears and the new Hillsong United album or maybe if you are filling a bit risky introduce her to Sleeping at Last. Whatever you want to get her is fine by me, just make sure you put some thought into it by choosing some songs she will enjoy.

You can check out some music that I am digging here.

2. A Journal

This isn’t any journal, it is a journal made with love. Allow me to get sappy for a minute. Mother’s Day is all about telling your mother how much you appreciate her, most express this through gifts and a quick word. Why not combine the two and give her the gift that keeps on giving…A journal with words of gratitude and love from her son or daughter. You might want to scribble down some thoughts of appreciation on the front page. Maybe you create a note that she can read at the start of each week. Or create a memoir of her life through your eyes. Whatever you decide to do, giving your mom a heartfelt journal will definitely show her how much you care.

3. A Cook

Tread lightly on this idea. This has potential catastrophe written all over it. But done in the right way, this could be a huge hit with your mom. Providing her with some sort of cook, cooking class, or maybe some meals to go could be the perfect gift that gives her a break and also provides some great meals. Maybe you could find a winery that offers some pairing classes and pay for her to go to find out great wine pairings with dinner. The goal here is not to say her cooking needs to improve but more to give her a break from having to answer the question “what’s for dinner?”

4. A Coffee Date

If your mom is like mine, the best gift you could ever give her is time with you. Not saying that I’m a gift to anyone that is in my presence (well maybe I am), but most moms would love time with their kids over any flowers or chocolate. Taking your mom to coffee or taking her out to lunch would be the perfect way to say I love you mom. And to set it over the top, you could even pic up the check.

5. A Twitter Account

If you are on twitter this could be an easy and yet thoughtful gift for your mom on her special day. The most important part of this gift is how you structure the presentation. If you say “mom I got you a twitter account” she will probably look at you like she looks at you when you asked her to do your laundry when you were in college. But if you say “mom, I know how important it is for you to know what is going on in my life and I wanted to help you get updates about what I have going each day. There is this tool out there called twitter and I spend a lot of time on it. I created you an account so that you can get my updates each day of what I have going.” Okay, maybe you do not have to say all of that, but if you say it in the way of helping your mom stay up to date on what is happening in your life I am sure she would love this as a mothers day gift.

Those are my top 5 ideas.

Here are some more without explanation:

  • A card with your a picture of your family
  • A photo canvas with all of her kids and grandkids pictures
  • A iPad 2 (save that for a christmas gift to yourself)
  • A lunch date
  • A garden
  • A day at the spa
  • A ticket to a show, concert or sporting event
  • A day off
  • A new outfit
  • A groupon deal

Obviously the best gift comes from the heart. These are just suggestions that could be used.

I would love to hear what you are doing for your mother on Mothers Day?


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  • Shelby

    I am trying to think of a really good idea for my Grandmother, I’m just not sure!
    She’s the woman who has everything in the world she could want material wise so I’m not sure.
    I am thinking if I can get with someone who has a showing machine maybe I could make her a pretty kindle case for her kindle…

    • Shelby


    • Kyle Reed

      that sounds like a great idea. I am sure she would love that.

  • Graham

    My mom has been on twitter almost as long a I have. She gets texts with my updates. She’s the only person in my life that hasn’t cancelled the tweet to texts from my account yet. Haha

    • Kyle Reed

      wow, that is love right there

  • Kamrie

    what a great pic. except I think you are missing the pretties person in the family who just so happens to have blond hair.
    thanks for the tips I like the cheap make your own gifts!

    • Kyle Reed

      Oh, jack…ya I left him out because I knew mom would not like that.

      And once again, you confirm that you in fact the cheapest person in the world.

      • Kamrie

        even while I was writing that comment that I knew you would say jack but to that I reply with I said the prettiest person and last time I checked jack is a dog in God’s eyes he will always be a dog
        and yes I am cheap and proud of it

  • Jenny

    This is a great idea, you’re mom is a lucky lady. She does have kamrie as a daughter and all :) (That’s for the jack comment.. haha)

    I have done journals in the past and i think she has enough journals to last her 3 or 5 years now. One time when i was a kiddo i sang the spice girls song “mama” to her at the top of my lungs… she wasn’t so crazy about that one either. ;)

    I think i might find a vintage frame for my mom and paint a favorite scripture or quote inside it. And my sister just had a baby so im getting her a mother’s day gift too, i think i might buy an antique window and collage my nephew’s pictures inside. He’s so cute.

    • Kyle Reed

      that sounds like and awesome idea. I am sure she will love whatever you do.

      And I think Jack has a little more power in the family then Kam does, but that is for another discussion.