Music Tuesday: Elbow

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Hopefully you have come to trust my judgement in music over these past 4 or 5 months. Well, today I got another treat for you. Elbow, a band from the UK, was a great find for me and glad that my buddy Jeremy Stanley told me about them. I have been digging their stuff for the past 2 weeks and I think you will as well.

They have a very soothing sound, that combines some very interesting vocals. Honestly, I do not know why this band is not bigger. They have been playing music since 1990 and are big favorites of bands like RadioheadColdplayBlurR.E.M. and U2. Well today we get to get in on the fun and be cool like all the hipsters with their indie music that no one has ever heard of. I mean think about that conversation that you can have with your local coffee shop barista: “Oh I hear you are playing some Arcade Fire today, that is cool. Ya I have been listening to this band Elbow, they are pretty legit.”

The album below from Elbow is entitled: The Seldom Seen Kids” which kind of summarizes their career. But i think you will be listening to a lot more of their music in the future.

You are welcome

Google reader eh? Come here to listen

What do you think?

Buy this album here
Check out more music from Elbow here

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  • Jeremy

    It is one of my life goals to convert everyone I know into a fan of Elbow, so I’m happy to see another convert in love with the band ;)

    Check out their newest disc as well. ‘Build A Rocket Boys!’

  • Jessica

    At first listen, I’m wondering the same! Why aren’t they more popular? Thanks for sharing! Great find.

  • Zac

    Dude, Seldom Seen Kid was my 2nd favorite album of 2008 (behind Thrice’s Alchemy Index). I guess I take for granted that a lot of people are unaware of Elbow’s awesomeness. Have you checked out Build a Rocket Boys yet? More mellowy, but amazing (not King of Limbs amazing, but still quite good).

    You should listen to BBC Six Music! The best radio station ever! Unlike american stations that replay the same songs every hour or so, they almost never play the same song more than once or twice a day. They actually play more than one song off the record, oh and they play mostly indie music!

    Stream it here:

    Listen to it for an hour and see what you think! They are +4 hours ahead of us (well Eastern Standard Time) until Sunday when they have their British Summer Time (aka daylight savings time) then they go +5. Best time to listen is from 10-7 UK time haha.

    • Zac

      P.S. Guy Garvey (lead singer of Elbow) actually has a show on Sunday nights I think at 10 (BBC time)

    • Kyle Reed

      great stuff. I am going to do all of this very soon