Music Tuesday: Foo Fighters

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

I still think one of my most underrated albums I own is by the band Foo Fighters. The album is entitled “In Your Honor” and I still grab that CD and pop it into my CD player in my jeep on a regular basis. It is filled with power, agression and grit.

So you can imagine when Foo Fighters puts out a new album I was all over it. Add to the brilliance of all of this, Foo Fighters decided to film the album in a basement. There is so much content on this album I cannot even remember all the details. So be sure to check out the new album “Wasting Light” below and check out the trailer for their movie.

Here is to giving you some more grit to your day:


Buy album here

Check out more videos here

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  • Michael

    Every time I hear them, I still picture Grohl drumming for Nirvana.

  • dustin

    excellent stuff. top3 album of all time for me is “the colour and the shape”. never ever gets old.

  • John Yates

    More grit to my day was exactly what I needed. I am definitely digging their new album. They were great on the daily show last week. What is your favorite track?

  • …adam

    It’s definitely a Foo Fighters album but nothing jumps out at me. Guess my expectations were a little too high.

    That being said, its still a Foo Fighters album, so I like the sound, just… I would have guessed this was from a couple years ago versus now.

  • alece

    i’m assuming you’ve already seen this, but… FRESH POT!

    • Kyle Reed

      oh my, I have not seen that.

      Amazing. thanks for sharing that