Music Tuesday: Future of Forestry

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

As we are only two weeks away from the big day that is Christmas, there is nothing more fitting to celebrate this Music Tuesday with some more beautiful Christmas music. If you missed last week be sure to check out my favorite Christmas album of all time here.

Today, we feature the band Future of Forestry and their Christmas EP called Advent Christmas EP (also check out their website, pretty cool stuff. Just click on the bands name to see it).

Probably cannot hear this in your google reader, come here to listen

My favorite song is “the Earth Stood Still”

What is your favorite song from this Advent Christmas EP?

Did you like this? Get it here

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  • Shelby

    For me the test of a good Christmas album is their version of Little Drummer Boy…
    and they rocked it.
    Loving this album for sure.

    • Kyle Reed

      yes, that is a great version of the song.
      And that is a great standard btw

      • Shelby

        haha thanks! Little Drummer Boy is my FAVORITE Christmas Carol but there are some BAD versions of it out there

  • Nathan

    Wow, these guys have a very Sigur Ros feel to them. Thanks for the heads up, will definitely add it to my Christmas playlist.

    • Kyle Reed

      ya they are very good.
      And they also have this EP set out that is pretty cool as well. 3 disc EP set that has been released over the past year.

  • Tyler

    That’s a pretty slick album there. My mind immediately went to Sigur Ros. Though I typically like a more upbeat/traditional mix of Xmas tunes, I enjoyed this a lot. The only thing I disliked was The Little Drummer Boy – the arrangement was great but that song just bugs me and I can’t take lyric “pa rum pum pum pum” seriously. Yeah you may sound cool and serious but you are still saying “pa rum pum pum pum.” It’s like a hipster reboot of a Barney toon.

    Kyle, have you heard the xmas album by Christopher Kincaid?

    • Kyle Reed

      i have yet to hear that one, but will check it out.
      As I was working on this i thought of you because of your love for christmas music.

      But ya, they have a big sigur ros feeling to it.
      I liked the music over all the lyrics of the song. I have never really noticed the thing with little drummer boy, but I can see that.

  • Michael Lane

    Freakin’ love FOF — thanks for sharing this!

    • Kyle Reed

      I know, I have been listening to this all day everyday.
      Cannot wait to get their travel eps

      • Michael Lane

        Yea, it’s just minimized on my mac, playing in this 10×10 cube. Amazing how the same christmas songs you hear every year can be portrayed differently through different artists.

        • Kyle Reed

          absolutely, it really inspires me to want to create some music myself.

  • Tyler

    Just listened to the whole thing, thanks for pointing it out.

  • Luke

    I love this band! I wrote up a little review on my blog today:

    • Luke

      Oh, and my favorite song off the Christmas EP’s is definitely “Die Jesu.” My favorite song by the band, though, is “Slow Your Breath Down” off their Travel II EP, though.

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