Music Tuesday-Hillsong United

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Today we feature some music that everyone needs to fill their ears with. I was a bit skeptical about this release from Hillsong United. They have done a studio album before, though it was good it still did not have the energy of the live albums. With the announcement that their newest album will be a studio version the nerves hit the pit of my stomach like it was 7th grade and “that girl” was talking to me.

Let me say, they definitely delivered on all fronts. This album took me a couple of listens, but it has now been on repeat for the past four days and I cannot get enough. I hope that you have heard it before and will give it a couple of listens today. And if you have not heard it, well it is your lucky day.

Enjoy the music

You are seriously missing out on this if you are reading this in google reader, come here to listen

Do you have a favorite Hillsong United album or favorite song?

Buy the album here (its only $7.99)

Also check out this amazing art work they created to go along with this album:



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  • Adam

    Love it. Getting to see them in concert next month!

    • Kyle Reed

      That is awesome. I wish I could go myself.
      I saw them about 3 years ago and was literally front row about 4 feet from Joel Houston, it was pretty cool.

  • Kyle Reed

    My favorite track has to either be United We Stand and Solution

    Favorite album is probably Look To You, which was the first Hillsong United album I ever listened to.

  • Michael

    I listened to a lot of the stuff last night on YouTube. Loved it.

  • …adam

    This is my first listen through it. I havent heard any reviews yet so I am excited to give it a shot.

    The artwork is awesome. I like that it was more of a complete artistic project than just the musical side.

    • Kyle Reed

      me too, i love that feel of a complete work

      • …adam

        Here is why I have a hard time saying why I have a favorite song of theirs, off this album or any of their albums, is because they have played such a big part of current worship culture, their songs usually mean more because of a worship experience, or a place in my spiritual journey rather than because I like their song from an album.

        Which I hope comes across as a compliment to them. It is.

  • Prudence

    I love this album. I agree it’s completely different than their other albums. The previous ones in my opinion have been anthems about God or our faith. So much of these songs seem like prayers to me. I get caught up in the lyrical visuals and next thing I know I have tears streaming my face.

    • Kyle Reed

      agreed. Even if you look at the titles of the songs they have that prayer type feel to them. Great point

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  • Tyler

    I hate to judge an album too quickly but I’m not a huge fan of this one compared to others. Not many songs will work in churches, because of a lack of singability. So far my only big favorite is Take Heart but even that probably won’t work as a congregational song. I agree with Prudence that the songs are written more as prayers, which makes them also lyrically tough to do as a church.

    • Kyle Reed

      I can understand that.
      It took me about 5 listens to start to like it. Now I really like it a lot.

      But I can see how this is a problem for worship leaders, or is it? Maybe they are trying to stretch corporate worship singing. Who knows.

  • dustin

    Love H.U.

    Thanks for the reminder… will certainly be purchasing this album.