Music Tuesday: Shad

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

I will be honest with you, I am not a big rap fan. There is about 5 rap guys out there that I can stand for an album or two.

That is all the rap I like. So to be featuring a rap album on Music Tuesday is a little bit out of the ordinary. But this guy is someone that I think you all should be listening to.

His name is Shad, and he is from Canada. Ya I know what you are thinking…Canadians can rap. Well yes that can actually. And Shad has quickly become one of my favorites. The first song below that you will be listening to is my favorite song of Shads. Its called “Yea I get it”.  I love this line from the song:

Maybe I’m not big cus I don’t blog or twitter…
Dawg, I’m bitter

and this line

Well my name aint Lil’ Wayne Gretzky
But ya’ll know better than to check me in the game

Love that. Listen by click below

Seriously do yourself a favor and check out my man Shad.
Just hit play, leave this tab up, open up a new tab (command t or control t) and continue your browsing while listening to some audio goodness.

All you gooreaders, you are missing out on the audio goodness. Click here to listen.

Hope you enjoy

Buy his album here if interested.


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  • Shelby

    I actually like this, i think its because he’s not rapping like every other famous ‘rapper’ who just say the same lines and/or their name over and over and call it music.
    There’s meaning behind his words THAT Is music to me.

    • Shelby

      oh and my favorite line from ‘Yeah I get it’ was “The only thing i like better than rappin is nappin”

      • Kyle Reed

        ha, great line. Ya he is very creative. That is why i like him as well.