Music Tuesday: Taylor Swift

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Let me be completely and totally honest with you, I have listened to two Taylor Swift songs in my life. To say that I am a fan is the farthest thing from the truth, more like a causal observer. I pay attention to what she is doing because it seems that everything she does turns to gold. That is everything except for live Taylor Swift performances (like this one), not so magical there.

I have heard several people describe her live performance as engaging and intimate. They say she has a way of grabbing your attention and capturing your ears. I will take their word for it, in fact I do not think you will see me at one of her concerts (never say never though).

Knowing that a lot of people are Taylor Swift fans I decided to give you a chance to hear her new album here first before you spend your $9.99 in the iTunes store. (actually you can spend $3.99 on amazon here)

Taylor’s new album entitled Speak Now is expected to go platinum in the first week. That is crazy.

Here it first before you buy it

cannot hear it in that google reader of yours? come here to listen

Would love to hear your thoughts on the song “speak now” (listen to the song above)
and the idea that she is going to speak up because she knows the guy that is getting married really wants to marry her. Wondering what you think about this idea of speaking up? Its seems that this whole album is about speaking up.

Your thoughts?


If Taylor Swift is not your thing, stay tuned at 11…got some more music tuesday coming your way

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  • Shelby

    I love Taylor Swift and I love this CD…
    I’m getting it today!
    I also heard an interview where she said that the song Speak Now was a friend’s story, the girl and guy had liked each other forever and he ended up marrying someone else, or something like that. lol
    And the whole album definitely is all about speaking up, she makes some very bold statements in her songs and I really like it, but I like everything TSwift does.

    • Shelby

      p.s. have your heard needtobreathe’s new live EP?
      its amazing,
      and the recording of prisoner was the concert I went to!
      and i may or may not be going to another needtobreathe concert on thursday!

      • Kyle Reed

        I have not, but I now have something to check out. Thanks.
        And i am jealous…again

        • Shelby

          You really have to get out to a concert of theres, and this tour is supposed to be better then ever and i cannot wait!! I think I’m seeing them AGAIN in november too.
          i am a little obsessed

  • Jenny

    Confession: Tayswift’s music makes me giddy. I don’t know why. There’s something about it that makes me go back into that bubbly, little girl with butterflies in my stomach at the junior high dance. I dont know why, but it has the same effect on me as terrible chick flicks or Mr. Darcy. I blame estrogen.

    Anyways, Speaking up. Taylor does this wonderfully in her lyrics. She’s gawky and awkward and well, she is every girl. In “Speak Now” she play it up almost as a David and Goliath thing. Here she is, small and facing this woman who’s strong, and with a perfect facade, but a tad ick as she is yelling at bridesmaids. Taylor is trembling and about to face the giant. This idea of speaking up against something bigger then us is a common theme. Why else would the tea party have such a strong platform… thats what their platform is (not whether or not they really are the little guy, is another story…) but honestly, it’s idealized but so necessary. Speaking up. God gave us a voice, a voice to bring about change. We must use it.

  • mo

    I don’t know much about her either. Speaking up can be a good thing sometimes. But too many people do it for selfish reasons and then convince themselves that God told them to.

    • Kyle Reed

      good point

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  • Josh

    I’m fine with Taylor Swift as an artist…but don’t call that country. That’s pop, and nothing else. Although I do give her credit for being able to make hits in both. That’s some entrepreneurial spirt, right there.

    Guess who did not go platinum in the first week? Me. :)

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