MuteMath in Japan

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Watch this performance and then read more after the jump

First this is a cool video. That is a given.
But what I find interesting about this video is when it first starts. They hit that first guitar riff and the crowd knows exactly what is coming. This is not uncommon for most musicians, but in a foreign country, I find how the music translates to the crowd very interesting.

Here are a couple of things that I think we can learn from this video on communicating:
1) Recognizable: The song, the riff, the band, it was all recognizable to what and who they were
2) Good content: The music was what stood out the most. Not the look or their name, but the music. That was what people were there for, because they enjoyed their sound.
3) Creative: their performance played the song that everyone was familiar with, but they also gave something more, a new twist to the sound. Showing off their creativity, but also engaging in a new and fun way.

How can we have a message that translates to everyone?


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  • Zac Cross

    Music transcends time and space. It is universal and it blows my mind how a song you listened to years ago can flood your mind with memories and nostalgia upon hearing it once again. My friends and I have been compiling our top 25 songs of all time (which is quite possibly one of the hardest things to do, try it sometime). Needless to say I have been listening to everything that has a remote chance and have been narrowing things down. However, even albums and songs that have no chance still bring back a ton of memories and remind me of a time and place I was when I heard it.

    I think a message could be the same way, but its just like the Bible. You could read the same passage 100s of times, but one time it will mean one thing to you, but another it could mean something totally different.

    • @kylelreed

      I have tried to just narrow down my top albums of all time and I give up right away.
      I can imagine what songs would be like.
      You are right, a message that transcends culture and time and brings about memories.

      • Zac Cross

        Albums is much easier because you can listen for the quality of the songs and the flow and the order and the orchestration. Example: OK Computer = Greatest Album ever from start to finish… Songs is challenging because that can change from moment to moment depending on your mood, location, time of day, etc. Don't be so fast to give up… it can be rewarding to search for a lot of songs and listen to them. The list is subject to each person and their is no right or wrong answer… unless you pick rap or country because then you have failed.