My Experience with Commenting

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

I have learned a couple of things about commenting on blogs. I would like to share them with you

1) Commenting to Get Some Stats
I learned that when you comment on a blog make sure that you are solely commenting to provide a positive contribution. You are not just commenting so that you can plug your blog or say something like “Oh ya, this reminds me of something I posted about a little while back.” I am guilty of this, but people see right through your game.

2) Calling Someone Out
I have also done this as well. Calling a post stupid, dumb, or any of the like minded thoughts is usually not a good idea. As well, when disagreeing with a fellow commentor make sure that you are not attacking them, but that you are doing it in a very humble way. If not, you will have several people jump all over you and then you will really look stupid.

3) Remembering it is not life or death
Some people think that they are going to solve the worlds problem with this one comment, so they write a book. Learn the law of twitter, 140 characters or less.

4) Asking Questions
Yes it is good to ask questions, but make sure you are asking the right questions. Don’t be the guy or girl that says “I really like what you are doing, can you teach me how to get as many people reading your blog as mine?” Don’t do that, it is just tacky and takes away from the experience of community. We all know you love Carlos Whittaker, who doesn’t? But don’t be asking him if you can play in his band. (whoops, guilty of that as well).

5) That Aint Me
I have learned that when getting a glimpse of someones thoughts for two minutes does not do justice to who they really are. Make sure that you realize that people will not know who you are just because you have filled out your intense debate profile. It is hard to get to know someone through a two minute conversation. Judging someone on this is just plain stupid and will leave you with a pretty shallow view of that person as well as you will become very shallow yourself.

6) Commenting to be Seen
Know that all bloggers want you to comment. But some bloggers honestly cannot read all the comments. So realize that sometimes they are not going to respond or even see what you said. Sure, you comment could have been really good, but it does not always guarantee that they are going to read what you had to say. Make sure that you are okay with leaving a comment and not always getting a response. Sometimes leaving a comment is more beneficial for you than for the ones that read what you have to say.

7) add your comment here

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Kyle Reed

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I create websites, conversations, and ideas. Advocate for the 20 somethings. Looking to connect everyone to a mentor. Married to my best friend, Ginny. I like my coffee black and my dog Jack. I currently live in Nashville and work at Sony Music/Provident in Nashville
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  • JRallis

    My favorite is number 3. Learn the Law of Twitter…140. I myself will tune something out if it goes too long. But they're all good.

    I don't know how mine would fit into your list but mine is:
    7. Commenting via Social Networking
    When I post a link to a blog entry on a site like Facebook, I'm wanting people to step out of the social networking site and come into my site and leave their comment on the blog, not on the facebook link I posted. I don't know what it is but commenting on a blog itself vs commenting on the link for that blog yields different type of community and responses.

  • David Mehrle

    I struggle with not ever making comments. I love to read the content but will seldom leave a comment on what was said. This frustrates me because I really want others to comment on my blog but I do not take the time to comment, so why should they.

    Good thoughts here!

    • JRallis

      I was at this same point once. You just gotta do it. Dive in and do it.

    • JRallis

      I was at this same point once. You just gotta do it. Dive in and do it.