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Kyle Reed // @kylereed

I remember a specific day, it was in June (I think, good memory right) me and @natejohnson were at its a grind coffee shop hanging out, had the macs out and the coffee. Nate asked me a question no one has ever asked before: “What is your internet routine” It took me aback, and I realized, what a great question. So with that said, and I know you want to know, here is my morning internet routine:

1) Fire up firefoxer

2) The homepage opens—-it is bwacks forum (the drummer for David Crowder) Great place for musicians/artist to go and paruse

3) From there I use to check facebook, but now that the school has blocked it, I skip that and go straight to I read the morning news about sports and move on

4) I then proceed over to the local avenue of things and go to the post dispatch sports section

5) From there, and this is an important step, I go to musicians friends and check the stupid deal of the day Now if you didn’t know what this was then I am doing you a huge favor. Definitely you need to add this into you routine. Great deals at great prices. Along with sdotd, I also check, and amazon mp3 deal of the day

6) I then head over to drudge report and find out all that is happening in the world. the real news.

7) I then head over to one of the greatest inventions on the internet. Google reader I have over 30 blogs that I read daily and it saves so much time in having to see if they have been updated. If you don’t have google reader, what are you doing with your life?

8) I then check twitter to see if I missed anything from the night before.

9) I then head over to my blog dashboard and see if anyone actually cares about my life and blog. Usually it is just my grandpa, but I am happy with that. He is loyal and loving.

10) I then head over to craiglist and see what is going on with the sales and deals. Never buy, just look

11) I then repeat step 7 and go on with the day.

That is my routine, do you have anything I should be adding into the steps of the day?

Comments please


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