My time in Nicaragua

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

This morning my Dad and Sister (Kamrie) left for Nicaragua. I was not awake for the departure (they left at 4am). I wish I could go with them, but I am glad that Kamrie gets to go. She has been talking about doing some mission work since January.

In light of this trip, I want to share my time in Nicaragua with you.

It was my sophmore year of high school and I was 14, that March, me and my dad along with 9 other guys headed off to Nicaragua. It was a great time of serving, eating weird food, and playing a lot of soccer. The one thing that stood out to me the most was the last three days. On our way back from a remote village we stopped on the side of the road to get some lunch. It was a little shack/taco hut. All I can remember about this experience was that I could not chew the meat. The meat was so tough to chew that I swallowed it whole because I did not want to be rude (that was a mistake).

The next day I got sick, really really sick. So sick that I drank a little bit of gatorade that day to regain some fluids and energy and I threw it up immediately (that is the only time in my life I can remember throwing up). For the last three days of the trip I didn’t move from my cot. I slept for three days straight and didn’t eat anything. It was about 85 degrees in Nicaragua and very humid, but I couldn’t tell. I used about two or three blankets to sleep with all day and I still remember being cold. At one point I remember waking up to the guys getting back from working that day and trying to keep my eyes open long enough to see what was going on, I realized that my cover fell off of me so I pulled it back up. I looked down towards my feet and saw a scorpion on my back. I was so out of it, I asked the guy walking by my bed at the time if he would take it off my back, and then I laid my head back down and went to sleep. I was pretty sick.

But that was not the worst part of the trip. The worst part was having to fly home sick. This was the type of sickness that takes all the energy out of you. The type where you cannot stand up because you are so weak. In the airport at Nicaragua I could not stand up. We had to wait in a customs line for about 40 minutes. I laid in the middle of the dirt floor amongst all the bags and peoples feet. On the plain the featured movie for the trip home was black hawk down. I really wanted to watch this movie, I made it threw the opening credits and that is all I remember. To top it all off , when we got to St. Louis I was taken off the plane in a wheel chair because I could not walk.

I missed two weeks of school, didn’t eat anything for a week, and watched a lot of Maury. All in all in what as a great trip minus the sickness. Needless to say when I went to Mexico last year I was careful about what I ate and if I could chew the meat.

What crazy story do you have from a mission trip?

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