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The church that I attend with my parents and sisters started a new series today. It is called 30 days to live. Today’s sermon dealt with the issue that you have 30 day’s to live and then at the end of the 30 day’s you will die. What will you change and what will you do?
Now, on every level I disagree with this, but I won’t get into that issue. Instead I have found a name for my new book: it will be called “30 days of water”
I think it is catchy and will hit big in the upcoming months. Over the next several days I will be giving you my 5 week sermon plan as well as the 5 chapters that I will be writing.

Here is the introduction: (if anyone wants to write a forward for me, please let me know, preferable Rick Warren)

If you have picked up this book you have decided to take the challenge of water. The challenge of cleansing yourself and the church. There is something spiritual about a 30 day process. Ask Jesus, He was 30 years old when He began His ministry, and was in the desert for more than 30 days. As you start this challenge of drinking water only for 30 days may God be with you in this journey.
*Kyle L Reed 2009

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  • Nikomas Perez

    I’d love to hear why you disagree

  • ru.bu.

    I agree with Nikomas…and I dont even know him…lol…I miss debating with you Mr. Reed…

  • Kyle Reed

    It will come in the book

  • Nikomas Perez

    ok, just make sure your understand the other side before attacking based off assumptions of a side that you have yet to hear all the way through. That’s a rookie debating mistake. But I trust you! I look forward to coming posts and dialogues.

  • Kyle Reed

    Well that is what I hope my next several post are going to be about.
    I don’t really want to bash the 30 days thing, really in fun, but want to dialogue about doing this whole 30 day series. Not just harvester, a lot of churches.

  • TJ Ingrassia

    I’ve been waiting for the day that Kyle Reed would write a book. I just always thought that it would be called “30 Days of Cheesy Puffs.” Most humans need water every day to survive; Kyle Reed needs those puffs.

    Looking forward to reading more excerpts, though.

  • Brennan Loveless

    To put it simply, I agree with TJ.