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Kyle Reed // @kylereed

I don’t know if you have noticed or maybe even heard. But one of the best (at least in my top 3) bands of all time has come out with a limited addition club tour DVD. The David Crowder band has released a new DVD that came out on Tuesday. Not only is it awesome and amazing to watch with the many different camera angles, it also came with the live CD. One of my favorite things about the DVD is the time with the band in the special features section.
Each band members goes through there equipment they use as well as how they play each song on the DVD. Pretty sweet to watch and frustrating at the same time.
I would highly recommend this DVD/CD of DCB to everyone. It is well worth the money and time spent watching it.


PS: I got one of the rare additions I was told. The reason it makes it rare is because in the CD booklet it has the names of the band listed. It says “The David Crowder Band is:” then it list everyone out, except Mark, the new electric guitar player. When asked about this, Mark said that it was a miss print and that we had a rare addition of the DVD/CD.

PSS: By the way, I ordered it off the website for the goodies, for those of you who ordered it from another place to get Charlie Hall’ new CD and Tomlins new CD that all came with the deal (Nate) how is it treating you? I bought Charlie Hall’s CD from iTunes, but refuse to get Tomlins.
I guess you are taking the good with the bad (guess who the bad is)

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  • Emily

    nate went by himself to the concert thing. yep thats right- i was tired your not here.

  • Kyle Reed

    what a shocker, Nate is all alone now.
    I have ruined the world.
    I am just glad that he went.

  • Brennan Loveless

    i didn’t know that you didn’t like tomlin. so you got hall’s new cd and tomlins with the crowder DVD?

  • Kyle Reed

    no, I went through crowders website specifically so that I would not get tomlins cd, then I got charlie halls from iTuners