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Kyle Reed // @kylereed

After the listening party last night on
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Tear Down the Walls Hillsong United

Tear Down the Walls Hillsong United

And today (tuesday) being the release of the new Hillsong United CD “Tear down the Walls”
I was curious to see what everyone thinks?

If you have heard maybe once, what is your initial reaction?
If you have listened to it a lot, what is your reaction and what do you like and not like about the cd?
If you have not heard it at all, what are you anticipating the cd to sound like?

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  • Chris A

    I think the new Hillsong album is good. I really liked a couple songs. I think that in a couple months some of those songs will be sang in church services. Hillsong as a worship band they are top notch. They are always pumping out some awesome worship songs.

  • Ryan Post

    I do like the new United stuff. It’s hard cuz I feel like everyone reaches their climax and then kind of begins to fizzle. There are a lot of same sounds and melodies I’ve heard on previous United stuff, but it is still fresh and new. However, just a bit too wordy and musically complicated for the average church worship leader. You have to have a rockin band to pull most of this stuff off, so I have a feeling this album won’t be as successful as previous ones. :) However, I still love it. Had a dream about hanging out with Joel and Brooke last night. Haha! I will play Freedom is Here this weekend and Desert Song is on the docket as well. Other than that, I’m still not sure. :)

  • Zack M

    The Album is awesome. I have heared it about 12 times through now. I love it all. Tear down the walls is my new favorite song. Oh you bring is my apsolute favorite song on the cd but I don’t see us doing in church anytime soon. You Hold Me Now will probably be done pretty early on. I think Matt Crocker is my favorite leader on the cd. Not huge on Soon yet. It still rocks. This album really does not have a lot of “BIG CHURCH” songs meaning I only see youth conference and really “on the edge” churches doing majority of this album. I DO think however a lot of this stuff could be on the radio. Overall, I still love it all.