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Kyle Reed // @kylereed

I I haven’t listened to podcast in a long time.
Do you remember what those were?
Back in the day (two years ago) these were the greatest thing to happen.
I would be downloading about 12 a week. These were the newest and greatest inventions.
Now that twitter has taken over and podcast seem to only be used for sermons, I have not really been listening lately.

Here is where the new idea comes into play….
I want to do a podcast. Ya I know, only 2 of you will listen and probably listen for only 3 minutes.
But when you are already retired and have nothing to do, you can actually put some time into ideas.
Do me a favor though, give me a little love and take this poll so that I can see what you would maybe be interested in hearing.

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Kyle Reed

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I create websites, conversations, and ideas. Advocate for the 20 somethings. Looking to connect everyone to a mentor. Married to my best friend, Ginny. I like my coffee black and my dog Jack. I currently live in Nashville and work at Sony Music/Provident in Nashville
  • @joshua_w_hunt

    i disagree with you. podcast are still going strong. just cause you haven't listened to one in awhile doesn't mean they have been replaced by twitter. are they as big as what they used to be? yes, but the reason they seemed to have died off is only because the newness has worn off. and as for Twitter replacing podcast? false. podcast are streaming audio while twitter is only a line of text with 144 characters with a link to a blog or another site… if you think podcast are only used for sermons, you might want to open iTunes and browse through the podcast section of the iTunes store… i can't listen to a twitter status while being active (running/biking/driving), but i can listen to a podcast anytime i have my iPhone/iPod with me and am being active.

    If you want to do a podcast, go for it. but you might be right, only 2 will listen and only listen to the first 3 minutes…unless you have something to capture your audience with and offer them something so that they'll want to come back…something you might have to decide on is, 'what difference will there be between your podcast and your blogging?' everything you listed as an option on the poll seems to be right on with what you currently blog about….now, are you going to still offer both? a readers version and an audio version? chew it over and good luck…and i'll scew your stats and be the 3rd guy to listen to it, but stop at the 4th minute…

    • klreed189

      I see what you are saying. But I will say that the christian podcast (besides sermons) is gone. Back in the day when you could listen to info about stuff going on in the christian subculture you tuned into the latest podcast to find out about the blogs and resources. Now all you have to do is tune into a twitter account and you have everything you need.
      Sure you can't listen to your twitter account, but it is a lot faster and easier to read and get through.

      I am still really undecided about the podcast.
      It would be like my blog except for a little more in depth maybe?
      I would want to engage the listener with resources and interviews.

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