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Google buzz has left a lot of people buzzing about the new features google has added. What google failed to do with googlewave, google buzz has delivered. One of my favorite features about google buzz is the chance to share or “note in reader” a blog post or a website. This function is made available through your beautiful little google reader homepage. Read more after click more.

Moving past the star feature (where you would star items that others should check out) and into the twitter feature, google buzz makes it as easy as dragging a bookmarklet to your browser’s bookmark toolbar. Once you have accomplished this, let the buzzing begin. We have seen how twitter has helped blogs and organizations spread the word about post, products, and events, what we have not seen is a way to bring all of that information together and let the readers sort through what they want to read. This tool is going to provide you, the reader, a chance to do what you do every morning, open your Google RSS reader and look through the post that interest you.

If that did not make sense check out this video that will help explain more:

There are a couple of reasons why this excites me:

1) Community.
This will add to the community and conversation. Maybe this tool is more of a retweet type feature then a conversation type feature, but it moves us in the direction of providing each other with resources. Knowing that most people do not have 20,000 subscribers to their blog, this feature moves the conversation in the direction of thought provoking post as well as provides a chance to let others know where the conversation is taking place.

2) Change.
Not only will it add to the community, but it will also bring about change to the way we read blogs. This new feature will take all the “mark as read” times of your reading out and provide you a chance to have a filter of peers that have said which post they find most beneficial. It will call for a change in the way we share information as well as a change in the way we share with each other. I could definitely see down the road building a big following on google buzz because you share good information. We see this today with twitter. One of Michael Hyatt’s tips to building a big twitter following is sharing good thoughtful information that benefits the reader.With google buzz you will now have the ability to not only share with the reader what you are reading but also share your thoughts about what you are reading in more then 140 characters.

Google Buzz Share in Reader gives you the chance to add value to the conversation and share insights and impact with other readers. This can only add value to blogs and the community of readers. The buzz is good and I am excited about the future. And don’t forget to “note this in Reader.”

What are you buzzing about?


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  • human3rror

    word. you have two RT buttons. broken.

    • @kylelreed

      Good eye speak there, that is why they call you the human3rror.


  • Brett Barner

    This has been my favorite part of Buzz. This may be the only feature I actually use.

  • bondChristian

    Yeah, I've been so busy lately, I haven't had time to check out Google Buzz at all (which is odd because I'm usually a huge Google fan boy). Thanks for the run through. I wonder how much I'll actually use that feature though. It something worth checking out to see how it goes.

    Nice job with Screenr too, Kyle. I love that thing.

    -Marshall Jones Jr.

    • @kylelreed

      ya scrennr is a great app

  • David

    I'm a Google fan boy who's currently got a quasi Buzz thing going since it's not integrated with Google Apps yet…so I can't link it to Twitter, and unless I check it I don't see what's happening there.

    I know it's not Wave, but at the moment – as someone who is sold on Apps – it's a non-entity until they get the integration done.

    • @kylelreed


  • N.A. Winter

    Thanks so much for this. I haven't been able to quite grasp all the buzz about Buzz, so I appreciate the insight.

    Quick question – if you don't use Google Reader (there are still a lot of people who aren't regularly blogging/reading blogs) is there any value in Buzz?

    • @kylelreed

      Thats a great question, to be honest I really have not seen much value outside of this feature. But I really have not used it other then this feature. I will say it is worth it just for this feature though.

      Maybe someone else can help out with some info on buzz.