One Photoshop Mistake You Cannot Afford To Make

Kyle Reed // @kylereed


It’s reported that the image above is photoshopped.

To the naked eye this image looks to be a typical command center style photo. But behind every photo is a story, and this photo is screaming with unseen details.

This photo was “taken” in the BP command center for the oil spill.

Upon further investigation you start to see just how photoshopped this image really is:

Thanks to Gizmodo (haven’t we seen them catch other things out in the wild before?) and their investigative work, BP has been busted, again.

As I read this story I couldn’t help but wonder how BP could make such a terrible mistake, till I  realized that I photoshop my own life all the time.

Photoshop is a great tool, but sometimes we can get a little carried away in the “retouching” department. The temptation to make things appear better than they are one button at a time is often the method of choice, and the vehicle we use is often twitter, blogs, or Facebook. Yet, Under the surface our problems still exist, no matter how much we photoshop our appearance, response, or profiles… we will still be the same person.

Can I make a confession?

I “photoshop” myself to give off the appearance that I have things figured out. This is usually masked in my speech. It’s not that I try to be someone else, it’s that I try to stand on the same level as everyone else. I have this idea that if I can be like (insert famous blogger here) or be like (insert well-known twitterer here) then I will be someone and something.

Have you photoshopped yourself?


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