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I never really understood the statement about how God opens doors. What doors? Like a literal door, or a figurative door? Will I know that it is a door? These are just a couple of the questions that confuse me about this statement.

God opens and Closes doors

We all say this, well at least we have all heard this statement. It is christianiese that encompasses every opportunity that we receive. In other words, it is a yes or a no. I think one of the reasons I never understood this statement was because I was not looking for the doors, I was creating my own. Instead of waiting for the door to be open I was just going threw the wall to get where I needed to be. That all changed once I become an unemployed guy waiting on God’s timing.

Patience was never a virtue of mine. So when I hear statements like God will open a door for you and close the ones that you do not need to enter I get a little frustrated, mainly because it is not in my timing.

Today I realized the timing of God. It is funny, chaotic, unexpected, and yet perfect. Do not ask me how it works or for that matter if you can predict when it will come. All I know is that over the last 8 months God has been opening doors that I did not see. Today, He made it obvious. I often wonder where I would be if I was not faithful to the little doors that He opened in the past. You know, those little opportunities that you get that seem promising, but lead to just a one time thing? Have you ever wondered what opportunities, or for this post sake, what doors you missed?

I think the more we try and get ahead of God the farther behind we become.

Today is a day to share your story. To share any story, but to share with this community and opportunity that you have had that God made a way. This can be a time of encouragement both to readers and to yourself, it can be a therapeutic time of confessing, or it can be a good story of laughter. All I ask is that you share…

Here is one from me called “I should have”

Now it is your turn…

Share a story about how God has open or closed doors for you?


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I create websites, conversations, and ideas. Advocate for the 20 somethings. Looking to connect everyone to a mentor. Married to my best friend, Ginny. I like my coffee black and my dog Jack. I currently live in Nashville and work at Sony Music/Provident in Nashville
  • Brett Barner

    For me, it's more of “I shouldn't have”…

    The song that I've most identified with is “My Stupid Mouth” by John Mayer. I've gotten myself in so much more trouble on stuff that I've said over stuff that I've done. Most of which was just my effort of humor.

    In Example: Yesterday, when after my wife, Naomi, made dinner and set it down in front of me, I jokingly said, “Umm…I think I'll just have a bowl of cereal.” I quickly learned that that isn't something to joke about.

    That's possibly the most innocent of my blunders, but for me, I've closed a lot of doors myself over stupid things I've said.

    • @kylelreed

      I am right there with you. I can be pretty sarcastic, and this gets me in trouble. Mainly when I meet new people that I do not know very well. I have no filter and so even when they do not even know me I still use sarcasm and they do not get it.
      Here is a story for you:
      two years ago I was at a job interview/meeting. The meeting was with a bunch of parents of the kids that attend school, alumni (me) and then a review board that was reviewing the school for accreditation. Everyone was going around the room telling about who they were and their kids. It got to me and I said my name is Kyle, I went to school here, I am 22 and I don't have any kids that I know of.

      This was the time where the room went dead silence and you could hear crickets. Why did I say that? I have no clue. It was stupid, but I still got a job.

  • Andy Unnerstall

    I like what you said about “little doors.” I think what I have often been guilty of is constantly looking for the big doors. I'm trying to figure out what huge, grand, glorious thing God wants me to do that will make me look and feel important and I overlook all of the little stuff that is just as or more important.

    I've really been reaffirmed in recent weeks about the little things. I've realized that I need to get over myself and get more in tune with God's leading on a daily basis. Someday there might be a big door for me to go through, but maybe not. I just have to be content with wherever God leads me, and do the best I can with it.

    • @kylelreed

      Great points here Andy, something that I am working on myself.
      I think I am continually reminded of the little things when I go back and reflect on where I am today. The little things that have happened to get me here today. Stuff that I have learned and had an opportunity to do. Those are the little things that have lead to a big door opening for me to walk through. Stay faithful with the little things and the big things will come.

  • Briony

    I've had my fair share of the above; whether it be open doors, closed doors or running through walls. I guess the most recent one for me would be a running through a wall experience. An opportunity was presented to me to go to India, I love to travel and see new places and this was one of those times where I could do that but also serve and help people so I didn't even think to question it. I ran full speed ahead and no matter how much resistance I hit, no matter how many times the door seem to be closing I kept pushing/forcing it open and ignoring the ache in my gut. I am not saying that I wasn't used or that I didn't learn from the experience, I did and I do believe God has used it in many ways but at the same time I am now dealing with consequences that I had not forseen. I learned my lesson to not force opportunities to happen when I feel a tugging in my spirit. I, like you did not really know what it was to really wait on the Lord until after I graduated from College because my life had a specific direction up until then. Once I graduated and had no idea what was next I started learning and building patience (still am obviously.) I think the important thing to realize is that no matter what the experience is opened, closed or wall if your hearts focus is turned upward the Lord can use it for good it is just a matter of how much work/energy/life you have to pour into making it happen.

    • @kylelreed

      The one thing for me I am learning is that though it is not simple and I do not want to downplay the voice of God, but I always thought that it could not be that simple.
      You know, like there had to be some glorious sign post ahead that said road closed.
      What I am learning is that something as simple as a feeling or maybe even a conversation can be the door that God is opening or closing and showing you.
      Once I started to learn that I do not have to have a miracle to see the door it became more clear.

      • Briony

        so true

  • brennan loveless

    I'm with Andy. I've often looked for big doors in life, and have often missed “small” moments where i could have made a difference (possibly a small one) in someone's life but instead just kept going with my own agenda in mind.

  • Shellie Kubicki

    I want to know how you went “through” walls! When I encounter a wall, it's head on. Way over the speed limit. And the air bag doesn't deploy! Where did that door go. It was there a minute ago. Dang. God went & moved it. Again.

    Patience is also not my virtue. I want it. Now. I want things to go according to MY plan. In MY time. Is that really too much to ask? The answer? Yes, that's too much to ask. But, I think it for the purpose of learning some stupid lesson. Again. Hey, God, come on! I asked really nice for a door to open. Is the light turned out & I just don't see it?

    I have to keep taking those steps of faith. The door WILL open and the light WILL be on. Why? Because God is right there. A much better guide than Garmin!

    P.S. I'm glad you don't have any kids that you know about!

    • @kylelreed

      me too…

      And I am the same way, 100 mphs an hour, and I wonder why I am always hurting?

  • David

    I should have started telling about my homosexuality experiences sooner. I've been married 7.5 yrs, and secure in my hetero-ness for 2.5 yrs before that, but never told anyone apart from my wife and the people who helped me through it (like, 4 people in total) until 4 months ago. Since then, the opportunities to share, console, support & counsel have been numerous and I'm not even consciously focusing on ministering in this area (yet).

    Having said all that…I'm naturally a cautious guy, not a risk taker, and my wife is the same. Not to say I've never taken risks, big risks, before now, but it's only been the support of people I've met in the last year that's made me realise the importance of story.

    If I had stepped out before now, perhaps the timing would have been wrong anyway? I don't know. It doesn't matter, I'm doing it now.

    Encouraged by all you young'uns – haha.

    • @kylelreed

      Thanks for sharing David.
      Is there somewhere we can read your story?

      • David

        Kinda :) Bits of it are currently spread over 4 blogs so it's a bit unwieldy.

        This page on my old blog links to all of them :

        One of my current projects is rewriting all these with some extra bits and putting them together on my site.

        That will happen sometime when I reprioritise my other projects.