Outliers, The Story of Success

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

I have been reading the book outliers by Malcom Gladwell and I have some initial thoughts.

First, I love Mr. Gladwell. Tipping point was awesome (thanks @jeffhenson) and I have heard nothing but positives about his new book outliers. So I was excited to pick his new book up and start the journey of what exactly an outlier is. I won’t spoil that for you (not really exciting, but I will let you discover) but I will talk to you about what I have come to observe in the first 100 pages or so.

Practice, Practice, Practice some more….Gladwell says that you need at least 10,000 hours of practice in an area to be an expert. Wow, I am only at 32 hrs and counting. When I read this I started to think that this was do-able, that I could accomplish that. Then I started to realize that it took some people 10 years to accomplish their 10,000 hrs and that was at the rate of 7-8 hrs a day, 5 or 6 days a week. He used guys like Bill Gates and Bill Joy who are computer geniuses and have spent thousands of hours in devoloping software. But there was one area that I found interesting about this amount of practice. To get to do this much practice you have to pretty much get lucky or get certain breaks. The Beatles were my favorite explanation on this one. When the Beatles first got together in High School they got a little gig of playing at “clubs” in Germany for a selcted amount if time. It stared with a couple of hours a night and then moved to 8 hrs a night. They would do this for like 100 and something days for a couple of years. John Lennon said that this time was invaluable to them and that they grew from this. But, where the luck starts to come in is that they made a connection with a guy who made a connection with a guy in Germany (sorry don’t remember names) to have bands come and play at these clubs. If they missed this opportunity, they wouldn’t have gotten all that “practice” time at the clubs.

So far this is what has stood out to me the most. Might be boring, might not be. But I would encourage you to pick it up and check it out. It is coming with very high reviews.

Get it here

Have you read it?   How many hours do you have of practice in your area of expertise?

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  • Ryan P.

    Kyle, what area of expertise do you have “32 hours and counting” of practice in? Just curious. Also, the first person that I can think of that probably has 10,000 hours of practice done is Kirk. Ridiculous.

  • David O

    What’s up Kyle. I’ve gotten into blogging in a huge way recently and Everett told me you’ve been keeping up on yours. Looks like you’re staying busy. Making any money off this thing yet? Outlier is on my books to read list but I haven’t taken it up yet. Glad you’re enjoying it. The only person that I can think of with 10,000 hours of practice at anything would be Kid Rock. He’s so good!

  • kylereed

    That is not truth about Kid Rock by the way.
    You need to pick up Outliers. I will probably finish it today and I started on it Saturday, pretty easy read and really interested.
    Good to see you are blogging now, what is your site? I will have to add it to the greader. I wish I was making money off of my blog, tell me how and I will. You want to pay me?