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This would be amazing

It was meant to be, at least that is what some people think. But I have caught Bieber fever.

But after I tweeted out that I hated to admit that I wanted to go and see the Bieber movie my friend Jeremy reminded me of the fate that was created a while back.

I think this is proof that I must go.

Okay, own up, who has seen Biebers movie or wants to see it?


Each shot in this video is awe-inspiring.

This feels like life.

Roots that are waiting to find a place to grow.
Potential that is waiting to shine.
Quietness to focus on life.

May we become like trees and grow

Growing is Forever from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.


The Future of Foursquare continues to be uncharted and unexplored by many business. The power of the check-in has been felt by very few “mayor’s” across North America and many are just now unlocking the potential that could very well be the “next big thing.”
But exploring Foursquare and the church could be a whole new thing.

You might be wondering how could a church use an app that rewards people for checking in? Or for that matter how could someone be the “mayor” of a church?

Those are valid questions that can be debated, but Foursquare has more good then bad and is another tool that can be used by churches and is free.

But before we get into the what we have to look at the why.

Lets change the why we need to shift our focus to the win. What is the win for you and your church to start using foursquare? Simply put, more people that check-in to church provides more chances for you to interact, engage, and research. Think about this, you have a pastor stand on stage and ask the audience to fill out a notebook that provides their name, phone number and email address every Sunday. The main purpose for this is to find out who was there and how can we contact them. This is a fairly easy way to take notice of all that are in attendance that morning. Now bring foursquare (and twitter) into that equation. Instead of asking people voluntarily “check-in” providing their name, twitter name, and sometimes email. You have instantly see who is at church that Sunday and not only that you can provide a follow up message after each check-in.

What do I mean by a follow up message. Check out what Park Community Church in Chicago does with foursquare

A free drink? Heck ya. A simple little message could be the thing that brings someone into your coffee shop which then provides your staff to get a chance to interact with them, ask them how they are doing, but not only that give them coffee instead of those cheesy visitor packets that seem more lame then good.

Declaring the win is important in choosing the reason for using Foursquare at your church.

I believe this area of foursquare is very unexplored but filled with potential. Here are a couple of ideas that I think you could implement to bring foursquare to your church.

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WordPress 3.1 has been released. There has been some new design elements and features for developers that should make life a little easier. You can read all about the new features here

One feature that I wanted to talk about that I find highly annoying is the new admin bar that is displayed across the top of your site. When seeing this I immediately wanted to get rid of it. I went on a search and found out exactly how to accomplish this.

Removing Style Admin Bar

If you have not seen what I am talking about here is a quick shot of my site:

That got annoying the first time I saw it. Here is how to remove it.
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This video has special meaning to me and @Jeremy_Chandler.

Why? Well I cannot tell you that, but at least your can enjoy a great video this afternoon.

Shy Ronnieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Today we feature some music that everyone needs to fill their ears with. I was a bit skeptical about this release from Hillsong United. They have done a studio album before, though it was good it still did not have the energy of the live albums. With the announcement that their newest album will be a studio version the nerves hit the pit of my stomach like it was 7th grade and “that girl” was talking to me.

Let me say, they definitely delivered on all fronts. This album took me a couple of listens, but it has now been on repeat for the past four days and I cannot get enough. I hope that you have heard it before and will give it a couple of listens today. And if you have not heard it, well it is your lucky day.

Enjoy the music

You are seriously missing out on this if you are reading this in google reader, come here to listen

Do you have a favorite Hillsong United album or favorite song?

Buy the album here (its only $7.99)

Also check out this amazing art work they created to go along with this album:

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