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Thousands maybe even millions eagerly awaited the release of the iPad 2 last Friday. Standing in line for hours in hopes of making all their dreams come true was how these millions spent their Friday afternoon. But a couple of people had different plans on what they were going to do with their new iPad 2. They wanted to make a music video shot exclusively with iPad 2’s.

Two things that amaze me:

First off, let me say that this video looks amazing. You would expect this from a music video, but honestly when you hear that it was shot entirely with a couple of iPad 2’s you step back and say “wow”.

Second, the turnaround of this video (shot Friday) and release (on Saturday) of this video is very very impressive.

Getting those two things out of the way we can move onto the star of this video. The 4’11 Eddy aka Erin Erickson.

I will let you enjoy this goodness and you can check out some behind the scenes stuff over at



@Crosspoin_TV just started a new series called “5 Things That Will Destroy Your Marriage” last Sunday and I have a feeling that even though I am no where close to be married it will be a very challenging series for me.

Here is the first week mashup:

One piece of marriage advice?


Is it possibly to “go viral”? Yes.
Is it possibly to plan on going viral? Maybe.

Going viral (means becoming extremely popular in a very short amount of time) is a much desired thing but few can predict its ways. The power is great, you don’t have to look very far to realize that. Take Mr Bieber for example. He starts making youtube videos, people realize his talent and start requesting more. The link to the youtube video of Justin Bieber was shot in 2008. He was just a kid singing songs in his moms apartment. Now he is selling out Madison Square garden. He is the poster child (pun or no pun) of going viral.

The power is there, but how do you capture that power? Is it even possible? I think it is.

Let us look at a company that went viral and was strategic about it all.

Say hello to A virtual phone system for entrepreneurs. When launching their newest app they decided to do something that most set out to do, set the internets a blazing with talk about your product. Check out their strategy below:

That is right, they took a popular song, changed some wording, got creative, and had some fun. But it does not stop there with the video. They decided to step it up further and get some influencers talking about it. Picking 200 influencers across the Country, they sent each a chocolate bar and a copy of the video. No request for them to blog about it, only a simple thank you and enjoy. They believed that they created something creative and fun and it would be only natural for people to talk about it  (like we are doing right here).

Something interesting about this all is they didn’t pay anyone to talk about their video. The popular belief is to get influencers to blog about your stuff or tweet about it you have to give them some money. This could be true, but doesn’t mean that it has to be the only way to do things. In fact, I would go as far to say that if you pay for marketing of this kind you are missing out on 50% of the power that it could be. People can snuff that stuff out from miles away.

How do you go viral? You take an idea, put some creativity into it, share it with others, and let the dust settle. But the biggest thing is you have to be strategic. You have to pay attention, you have to care. Let’s look at Bieber again, he was one of the few that “got lucky”. The reason he put those videos on youtube was to share them with families who couldn’t make it to his talent shows. He wasn’t trying to get signed, he wasn’t trying to be one of the hottest things out there. Instead he was just using a tool to showcase his talents. But, looking back at the New Dork video, there was planning, strategic thinking, and a lot of work that went into them going viral. They took a good idea and ran with it. And now they have well over a million views on youtube.

Do you think viral success can be planned?


(ht to Jeff Goins for sharing this story with me)

I have stopped subscribing to RSS Feeds. Why? Simple, twitter has become my RSS Feed.

I trust twitter to do the work for me of taking the content to the top and share it with me. For someone who has a hard time wanting to read everything and waste countless hours doing it, this has freed me from that “I don’t want to miss a thing” (almost like an Armageddon Steven Tyler moment type thing) to putting more time into my work.

Blogs that you do not need an RSS feed for:

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This post might make you smile. Or it might upset you. Or you might applaud after you read it because you agree.
Whatever your response, this is just my blunt opinion.

I will not buy a full Passion album for one reason…Chris Tomlin.

I have what you call Chris Tomlin fatigue. “Over saturation” and “over value” can only go on for so long and I cannot take much more. I appreciate what he does. His heart and passion is evident. I think he has a unique ability to lead others in worship that few posses and thousands connect with (which is why I think most will not agree with this post). His contribution to the worship music scene is vast (Can you believe it’s been 10 years already?). But I have to be honest: I cannot take much more.

Why? Mainly because I think his music has become uncreative, over produced, and just plain cheesy.

Here are a couple of reasons why I have Chris Tomlin Fatigue:
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I discovered this band, the City Harmonic, about a week ago. They got a quick plug in Relevant Magazine and I was instantly hooked. I love their anthem type feel that they posses on every song. I truly think that you will be a fan very soon and the song “Manifesto” will be sung in churches all over the United States.

This is a great introduction to the City Harmonic


This song right here is killer:

Buy it here for $4.99


I am curious, what are some things that you want to know more about in blogging?

Whatever it is go ahead and let it be known in the comments.

There are no stupid questions here. Trust me, I have probably asked them all before or would ask them myself.

But you would be helping me out a ton if you could list some questions that you are curious about when thinking about blogging.