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I am pumped about Press Pause Play.
And I am even more thrilled that I live in this day and age and am only 24.

Check out this trailer

The best way to purchase new music is off of recommendations. I do not take this responsibility lightly. I like to find good new music and then tell as many people about it as possible. I have actually written some post about it in the past. Like this one or maybe this or how about this.

Today I wanted to share with you some purchases that I made that are making my ears very very happy.

1. Sleeping At Last Yearbook EP’s

First off this band is awesome. But they decided to take this little Journey of releasing Yearbook Ep’s every single month. Starting in October they have released 6 EP’s and they are all musictastic. Today they released their March Yearbook EP and it features one of my favorites Jon Foreman.

Here is the best part, you can get all their Yearbook EP’s for $30. I am telling you right now, this is a huge steal. You need to go and do this today.

Buy it here

you can also buy individual Yearbooks

2. Daniel Bashta

This guy above, Daniel Bashta has written one of my favorite songs out there, Like a Lion. I will say that the David Crowder *Band has my favorite version of the song (found here) but that could change now that Bashta has released his version of the song (buy it here). Being a fan of this song I decided I needed to go and listen to some other stuff of his and let me tell you, I was blown away at how good it was. This album is definitely worth your time and then a buy.

Go and listen to it here first
Then buy it here

Would you like to share some music purchases that you are digging right now?


A while back I was tweeting about some band or music that I was listening to and got a message back from a guy (sorry I cannot remember who it was) about this band that I had to check out called the Gatlin Elms. I said I definitely would and then got a tweet from the Robbie Seay (Robbie Seay produced the album) telling me that I should definitely check them out and in fact would give me a copy of the album.

Next thing I knew I was a Gatlin Elms fan.

Today I am happy to feature them on Music Tuesday. I have picked four songs that I think you will enjoy and would encourage you to go and listen to the rest of their album on their website here.

The cool thing about this as well is the band has given me a digital copy to give away on the blog today. Pretty cool I must say. So go ahead and answer the question below to be entered into the competition.

You are going to dig this music

You are seriously missing out on this if you are reading this in google reader, come here to listen

Enter the contest by telling the best free music you have ever received (legally) ?


buy their album here


Today I am excited to share this space with my friend Jeff Goins. I asked him to write about something that I struggle with…writing. Jeff has greatly excelled in the area of writing. He has written for Catalyst Space, Relevant Magazine and the place that I dig the most his blog I think you are really going to be able to walk away with some very practical tips on writing. Be sure to show him some love and I think he has a question at the end for you to check out.

I know a lot of people who blog, but don’t necessarily consider themselves writers. They blog, because they know they’re supposed to do it. They blog to build a platform or gain an audience.

Maybe they’re blogging because some SEO expert told them to do it or because their high-profile status requires them to have a blog.

But in all honesty, they don’t like it very much. It’s hard to blog every day, finding something new to say in a brand new way. They’re busy, and the idea of sitting down in front of the computer to blog for 20 or 30 minutes hurts their brains.

“Trying harder” isn’t a viable option. Especially if they’re “creatives” (i.e. designers, photographers, videographers, etc.)

This presents a problem, doesn’t it? Because content is still king. And text is still the dominant medium.

So, what do you do? Here are a few tips that I often give non-writer folks to help them continue to blog:

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This would be amazing

It was meant to be, at least that is what some people think. But I have caught Bieber fever.

But after I tweeted out that I hated to admit that I wanted to go and see the Bieber movie my friend Jeremy reminded me of the fate that was created a while back.

I think this is proof that I must go.

Okay, own up, who has seen Biebers movie or wants to see it?


Each shot in this video is awe-inspiring.

This feels like life.

Roots that are waiting to find a place to grow.
Potential that is waiting to shine.
Quietness to focus on life.

May we become like trees and grow

Growing is Forever from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.