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I have stopped subscribing to RSS Feeds. Why? Simple, twitter has become my RSS Feed.

I trust twitter to do the work for me of taking the content to the top and share it with me. For someone who has a hard time wanting to read everything and waste countless hours doing it, this has freed me from that “I don’t want to miss a thing” (almost like an Armageddon Steven Tyler moment type thing) to putting more time into my work.

Blogs that you do not need an RSS feed for:

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This post might make you smile. Or it might upset you. Or you might applaud after you read it because you agree.
Whatever your response, this is just my blunt opinion.

I will not buy a full Passion album for one reason…Chris Tomlin.

I have what you call Chris Tomlin fatigue. “Over saturation” and “over value” can only go on for so long and I cannot take much more. I appreciate what he does. His heart and passion is evident. I think he has a unique ability to lead others in worship that few posses and thousands connect with (which is why I think most will not agree with this post). His contribution to the worship music scene is vast (Can you believe it’s been 10 years already?). But I have to be honest: I cannot take much more.

Why? Mainly because I think his music has become uncreative, over produced, and just plain cheesy.

Here are a couple of reasons why I have Chris Tomlin Fatigue:
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I discovered this band, the City Harmonic, about a week ago. They got a quick plug in Relevant Magazine and I was instantly hooked. I love their anthem type feel that they posses on every song. I truly think that you will be a fan very soon and the song “Manifesto” will be sung in churches all over the United States.

This is a great introduction to the City Harmonic


This song right here is killer:

Buy it here for $4.99


I am curious, what are some things that you want to know more about in blogging?

Whatever it is go ahead and let it be known in the comments.

There are no stupid questions here. Trust me, I have probably asked them all before or would ask them myself.

But you would be helping me out a ton if you could list some questions that you are curious about when thinking about blogging.


You never know what they are thinking until you go on more “dates”

As you mockingly make fun of me in your head for comparing twitter and dating I think the two are very similar in nature. Like dating, twitter is a place where friends recommend their friends. A place where you search for people with common interest. And a place where the ice breaker is found in finding out what the other person does for a living (or what they blog about).

But the real similarities I see between the two are the barriers that are there between two people. The good/bad thing about twitter is there are some constrictions on how much you can say and communicate. This definitely forces you to be more direct, to the point, and creative. The only problem comes in when some things get lost in translation (or for our argument, lost in the interwebs). In a place of brevity, how are you suppose to get a gage on the other person?

Being the young eligible* bachelor that I am (at least that is what people tell me) comparing dating and twitter seems only natural. Those first couple of dates only bring concern of what the other person is thinking about what you say and what you do. You over evaluate ever smile, moment of silence, and word that comes out of their mouth. Twitter seems to provide that same kind of awkwardness, at least at first. A place where we try and respond to someone with a sense of urgency but not desperation. A place where we try and “flirt” through RT’s and #FF but give off the impression that we are sort of interested but not really.

With the thought of twitter being similar to dating I thought I would throw out some ideas on how to make your first “date” go smooth.
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I am pumped about Press Pause Play.
And I am even more thrilled that I live in this day and age and am only 24.

Check out this trailer

The best way to purchase new music is off of recommendations. I do not take this responsibility lightly. I like to find good new music and then tell as many people about it as possible. I have actually written some post about it in the past. Like this one or maybe this or how about this.

Today I wanted to share with you some purchases that I made that are making my ears very very happy.

1. Sleeping At Last Yearbook EP’s

First off this band is awesome. But they decided to take this little Journey of releasing Yearbook Ep’s every single month. Starting in October they have released 6 EP’s and they are all musictastic. Today they released their March Yearbook EP and it features one of my favorites Jon Foreman.

Here is the best part, you can get all their Yearbook EP’s for $30. I am telling you right now, this is a huge steal. You need to go and do this today.

Buy it here

you can also buy individual Yearbooks

2. Daniel Bashta

This guy above, Daniel Bashta has written one of my favorite songs out there, Like a Lion. I will say that the David Crowder *Band has my favorite version of the song (found here) but that could change now that Bashta has released his version of the song (buy it here). Being a fan of this song I decided I needed to go and listen to some other stuff of his and let me tell you, I was blown away at how good it was. This album is definitely worth your time and then a buy.

Go and listen to it here first
Then buy it here

Would you like to share some music purchases that you are digging right now?