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Kyle Reed // @kylereed

After a long discussion with my friend Kirk Bolen I found some inspiration for a blog post today.

Our discussion centered around the amazing thing of Pandora Radio. Now if you do not know what Pandora is you are missing out (grandpa, you probably would not like it). Pandora is an online radio station that picks music for you based on the artist that you like. For example: You put in the band Deas Veil (kirks favorite radio station) and the band pops up with a song, then after their song it goes on to play more music like Deas Veil. You can give the music a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Once you start to rate the songs Pandora becomes a genius and continues to pick songs that you might like.

I have discovered some great bands through Pandora. My favorite channel is the anathallo station. Check that one out, great stuff.

What is your favorite pandora station?

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  • Joshua Long

    Andrew Bird, White Stripes, Black Keys, Radiohead.

    You Iphone users need to get the app on your iphone and use pandora just like free satellite radio in your car.

  • http://don'thaveany granpa

    Just stopped by to say hi. I will check out Pandora. You should check out the Clubhouse at Harolds webite, I can send you the link if you don’t have it.

  • http://don'thaveany granpa

    I checked out pandora and tried to send you my favorite station but it rejected your e-mail address?

  • http://don'thaveany granpa

    Just try searching on Google for The Clubhouse by Kent B. True.

  • Matthew Erxleben

    I’m impressed you dig the anathallo station. They played at the Billiken Club last March. It’s about time for them to come back. My favorite would probably have to be the Manchester Orchestra or Playradioplay! station. Good stuff!

  • Caitie

    so I have a couple i’ve been tuning (spelling?) into lately…
    1. Bach — pretty good and helpful to stay focused @ work….probably should tune into it now…
    2. Matt Wertz — just love him and found some new people through it.
    3. Leona Lewis — love it, caused me to buy her entire album…probably wouldn’t have done that otherwise.

  • Tyler

    I do like the Deas Veil channel! Kyle, have you ever heard of Lost Ocean? One day when listening to Deas Veil the Genius Bar on iTunes recommended it and I really like them. I think you’d enjoy it too…drums are pretty creative and they do a good guitar/piano mix as well.

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