5 Tools For Your Next Periscope Stream

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

These are the 5 tools necessary for any periscope streamMany of you have created and watched a Periscope Stream. This service has millions of users and is only growing. (To read more about their stats, check out this post here from their team)

Here are 5 tools to use for your next Periscope live stream:





1. Tripod:

HG9L2I have tried several Persicope streams without a tripod. Let me tell you, it’s maddening. Often times I like to stream me doing something or illustrating a point, but having to constantly hold my iPhone 6 plus while teaching someone how to do a pour over coffee doesn’t work very well. Having a good tripod is of utmost importance. Make this your first purchase.

Buy here
Price: $50



Smartphone MicrophoneUsing your built-in mic is one option, but to take your stream to the next level check out the Rode Smartlav Mic.
This mic plugs into your audio jack on your phone and streams great audio to those watching.

Note: This is a worthy investment as several of you have taking your live ‘scopes and posted them on your blogs, facebook, or other platforms. This tool is essential in providing great content for your audience.

Buy here
Price: $79


Neewer-CN-126-LED-Video-Light-for-Camera-or-Digital-Video-Camcorder-0Don’t forget about this important feature, lighting. This is often the tool we skip, but is as important as any of these other tools. You don’t need a ton of light, just something to even out the harsh office lights or strong sunlight. The Neewer LED light is perfect for all your streaming needs.

Buy here
Price: $30


downloadHaving an add on micro-lense makes a big difference for your stream. It provides that extra crisp feel. I wouldn’t say this is an absolute need, but it definitely brings up the product value and helps with lighting. And honestly, you can use this as a full camera mount for your streams if you so desire.

Buy here
Price: $40
If you want to go next level with your lenses, get these.


icon256The ability to take your live stream on periscope and use it later for marketing material is invaluable. One way to get around having to have vertical video for Periscope is to do what Pat Flynn does on his “Patscope” broadcast. He records the actual internet stream with Screenflow and then uploads it directly to youtube for playback. A great way to re-use your streams and let those that missed the live broadcast tune in whenever they want.

Buy here
Price: $99


Bonus Submission: 

This resource is from my friend Jarrid Wilson. Jarrid is a blogger/speaker and has amazing content you should be reading and watching.

Here is his setup

11872833_709708755801573_452822371_n 11880758_709708752468240_210590543_n


That is right, a tripod for his iPhone and mount for his iPad…love it.
Here is where you can get these tools to help you.

iPhone MountBuy Here -$2.99
Tri-PodBuy Here – $23.49
iPad mount Buy here – 24.95


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