Pictures of my time in the Majors

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Let me just say FCA Fantasy Day at Busch Stadium was amazing.
I was pretty excited about going, but not overly pumped, if that makes sense.
But when we hit the field all that changed and I realized that
I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

There were four stations. We were in a group of about guys.
We started the day off shagging fly balls during batting practice
Then we went and took batting practice off of Jason Simontacchi (if you remember him)
After that we went into the batting cages to talk with Mike Matheny
After that we went into the club house and heard stories from the “White RatWhitey Herzog

After doing all of this we got to end the day with a game.
I got to play shortstop one inning and it was the most surreal experience of my life.
Pretty much every ball was hit to me. It was more than what I expected.
I got to hit twice in the game.
First time up Simontacchi threw me a knuckleball.
The guys behind the batting cage got a laugh out of that. But I was ready to go.
Next pitch was a fastball that I lined right back up the middle.
I was getting a little revenge for throwing me that Knuckleball.
Next at-bat I knew he was going to throw me another Knuckleball.
Here was my chance to show off a little. So I was ready for it to come in.
Now the umpire for the day was mike matheny who was standing right behind the cage.
I was more than a little nervous, but I was ready to hit the knuckleball.
Sure enough, he throws the knuckler and I crush it to left, right in front of the warning track
over all the outfelders heads (there were about 8 of them).
It was pretty cool, partially because I was using a wooden bat and also because no one else had
hit it that far all day. Needless to say, if I was using a aluminum bat it could have left the park.

All in all it was a great experience. Mike Matheny complimented my swing and said it looked
like I liked hitting knuckleballs. It was a really cool experience that I won’t forget.

What would be one fantasy type day that you would like to be able to do?

Here are some pictures:

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