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Kyle Reed // @kylereed

I am not very good with grammar. This actually could be a big understatement.
As you have read my post in the past,
you have probably figured that grammar is not my gift.
I really wish I could write and write properly, but school and grammar is not
my gift. I don’t blame my English teachers, I blame myself.

On Monday I went to the Killing Cockroaches book tour with Tony Morgan.
It was an all morning event that was dealing with leadership in the church.
Tony talked about some good stuff.
Having not read his book, it was nice to hear about
what he thought about leadership and the church.
He made some good points and brought up some great questions.

One thing that he said that stuck with me the most was when he was talking about
leading new believers to the next step.
He said “what is your strategy to get them from point A to point B?”
I thought about that for a second, then thought about how I don’t really have an answer,
then my mind started to wonder. Here is what I stared to think about.

Getting somebody from point A to B can be very confusing.
There are several different strategies that people use.
Whether it be a program track that leads them through what the church believes to
giving them a reading guide to the bible and letting them figure it out.
The process can be very confusing.
The process is as confusing as it is for me with grammar.
As I was thinking about this statement and writing it down, I was confused as to
what form of “to” do I insert in-between A & B.
Now obviously it is “TO” and not “TOO”
but at the time I had to really think about it (remember I am bad at grammar).
These two forms of TO and TOO have always confused me.
I often insert the wrong form.
And as I struggled to write in the correct form of “TO” I wondered how confusing it is
for people who are trying to get from point A to point B?
It seems that “we” (Christ Followers) just assume that it is obvious, the steps are laid out
and all you have to do is insert the correct form of TO and you have made it to point B.
But I would say that if no one has ever showed you what that looks like it is not as clear
as it seems to be.

After a long conversation about church and having new believers
go to church with Matt Searby,
I likened it to the fact of trying to do algebra with the thought that 2+2=5.
It would be very difficult for someone to figure out 2nd grade math with the wrong understanding of addition.
I think this could be the problem with the church at times.
It is obvious to us that 2+2 does not equal 5 (even though radiohead says it does)
and that “TO” is the  correct form to put in for point A to point B,
but what if you were never taught this info?
How would you take the next step if no one was working with you?
I think this is a major issue that needs to be addressed over and over.
What does it look like to go from point A to point B?

I would love to hear what you think…
Maybe you could write a blog post on this?

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  • http://joshuaobserves.wordpress.com Joshua Long

    Tony M. was at our church this week talking about the this stuff. Great way to get your mind going about what really matters. Here's a quote from John Ortberg:

    Disciples cannot be mass-produced. They must be hand crafted.

    This illustrates the idea that a program never discipled anyone. Programs may facilitate the process or provide tools, but people disciple people.