Productivity Hacking: Beat People to the Busy Places

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

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Today’s productivity hack is exactly how it sounds, beat people to the busy places of life. There is a coffee shop I frequent often. I have written about how many times I have visited here. I have noticed that they get really really busy from 8:30AM until about 2pm every single day. Maybe you like the chaos of 50 people trying to get their drinks and find a seat, I on the other hand get distracted very easily. That is why every morning at 8:30 I leave that coffee shop.

My motivation for beating people to the busy places is to be more productive. I get to my coffee shop at 7AM, when it is just me and the baristas.

But this productivity hack doesn’t just end with physical places, beating people to the busy places also has to do with beating people to the busy market spaces.


I try to remember this hack for specific areas of my life. Paying attention to what is going on around me, I note the busy times of ideas, strategies and trends and then try to beat people to the places that have plenty of space to breathe and stretch. This productivity hack has more to do with anticipation and paying attention then anything else.

I remember when I played basketball in high school, anticipation was a huge part of the game, but along with that anticipation I paid attention to certain players habits so I could predict what they were going to do next. I wasn’t very good at basketball, but I got a lot of playing time because I hustled and out beat my opponent simply by paying attention and anticipating.

Beating people to busy places doesn’t mean that you go where no one is at, it means that you go to the popular places just not when they are there. So instead of using twitter as a place to share your links you use it as a place to other share quotes or ideas. It is all about taking the time to get there during the off hours so you can get more done. This hack becomes very productive when you can start to capitalize on a market that is ready for something new.

It is what Jon Acuff did by challenging people to wake up early and work.
It is what Jeff Goins did by encouraging people to declare themselves writers.
It is what Gary Vee did by offering up interviews daily.

Each of these guys didn’t come up with the “place” (idea or thought) but instead chose to look at it in a different way and use it to benefit their ideas. They beat people to the busy places.

How do you hack productivity? Pay attention to the trends and anticipate where people are not.

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