Question(s) for You?

Kyle Reed // @kylereed


Sunday provides us a day to relax, reflect, and refuel. On Sunday’s I like to sit back and ask a couple of questions. Maybe it sounds a little like those awkward games you play with people you do not know so that you can get to know each other better. Lets just call Question(s) for You.

You can answer them all or just one….

1) Favorite Olympic Moment?

2) Who will win the Gold Medal Hockey Game? Canada or USA?

3) What is your reaction to the header at the top with the buffaloes? What do you think it means?

Answer them all or just one….these are questions for you.


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Kyle Reed is a connector looking to connect with others. A 20 Something that is blogging his way through life and looking to connect through community. Also a team member of the 8BIT Network and brand evangelist. Find me on twitter: @kylelreed, lets chat.
  • Ben Woodard

    Question 3 – The buffalo's represent the fundamental aspects of life. They ruled the prairie land with an impressive rumble as they roamed the rolling hills, much like we allow Christ to rule our lives when we tap into the 'fundamentals' of our Christian Faith. I totally get what your trying to say. Very Awesome. :)

    • @kylelreed

      Well that could be the reason, never thought about that, but okay I like it.

  • Tyler Braun

    1. The 2 US men going gold/silver in the long track nordic combined.

    2. Canada.

    3. Nothing, it goes well with thoughts about nothing :)

    • @kylelreed

      Unfortunately you were right about Canada…unfortunately.

  • Shellie Kubicki

    1. American 4-man bobsled.
    2. USA, of course!!
    3.I think it means you'll go head to head with anyone who wishes. No matter the subject matter.

    • @kylelreed

      You are dead on with that definition…well really it is all about thoughts coming together

  • Stephanie Nelson

    1.) Shaun White and the half pipe. That man transcends his sport.

    2.) I'm too late to answer this question. But I really thought Canada would win… home court advantage can make a big difference.

    3.) Truthfully? (If you get offended easily, you might not want to read on) I really dislike the header. When I look at it, I think “Microsoft Word 93 made that”. (But, I realize how unfair this is coming from a professional graphic designer). As far as what the buffalo means, I have no clue.

    • @kylelreed

      What, Microsoft 93, that is a killer straight to the hurt.
      Its cant be that bad?
      Well I guess I will try to make it to 98 or maybe even XP edition soon