Question(s) for You

Kyle Reed // @kylereed


Sunday provides us a day to relax, reflect, and refuel. On Sunday’s I like to sit back and ask a couple of questions. Maybe it sounds a little like those awkward games you play with people you do not know so that you can get to know each other better.
Lets just call Question(s) for You.

You can answer them all or just one….

1) In n Out or Chick-Fil-A?

2) Would you rather watch a good movie or read a good book?

3) What are your plans for Easter Sunday?

Answer them all or just one….these are questions for you.


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Kyle Reed

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I create websites, conversations, and ideas. Advocate for the 20 somethings. Looking to connect everyone to a mentor. Married to my best friend, Ginny. I like my coffee black and my dog Jack. I currently live in Nashville and work at Sony Music/Provident in Nashville
  • folkynator

    Chic fil a. No competition.
    Either one for the book or movie. I love doing both.
    Watching the RED SOX beat up on the yankees. At least that is what I am hoping!! And hanging out with my bride.
    It will be our first easter together. We are kind of excited!

  • dannyjbixby

    Since I'm in the midwest, it'll have to be Chick-Fil-A, no In & Out within days of here.

    I'd rather watch a good movie, it's a matter of time commitment ;) Though if it's watch a movie or read a book of the same project, I'd rather read the book.

    As for Easter, we're running 7 services that weekend (3 on Sat, 4 on Sun) so once those are over, I'm going to be detoxing from the marathon. I'm running our lights all weekend…gonna be slick, as we're having an epic laser show each service too ;)

    • @kylelreed

      Unfortunately that is true. A days journey is what is needed for In n Out.
      Could be worth it though

      • JRallis

        Absolutely worth it.

    • JRallis

      I donno what I'd do if I didn't live near an In-N-Out. Somedays animal fries is the only answer in life.

  • Tom

    1. Chick-fil-a. What a dumb question ;).
    2. Depends on my mood, but usually a movie.
    3. Doing the church thing, then hanging out with the wife while making rounds to see family and in-laws.

    • @kylelreed

      Your a dumb question

  • @kylelreed

    In n Out for sure. Living in Vegas for 8 months I ate there as much as possible.
    Movie, less work
    Working or serving as some would call it at church in the Cafe.

  • Casey

    I miss In n Out so much! I get Chic fil a all the time.
    I'd rather read the book, if time permits…which it usually doesn't.
    Going to be in St. Louis with family! :)

  • Shelby Radovich

    Chic fil a!
    No idea yet, definitely will be at church all morning

  • katdish

    1) Chick-fil-a (No Inn n Out in Houston, although I'm a fan of Whataburger)
    2) I prefer to read a good book, then condescendingly complain about how the movie did not measure up.
    3) Church, egg hunt (at church), then hanging out with the family. Still trying to decide if watching the Yankees and the Red Sox on Easter Sunday would be considered unholy…

    • @kylelreed

      Well it depends…Baseball is Americas pastime, but is it Gods game?
      That could be argued.

  • JRallis


    1. In-N-Out…I've never eaten at Chick-Fil-A but I've heard it's good.
    2. Good Movie…I'm not much of a reader.
    3. Easter Sunday: Drumming in both our am Church services. Lunch with the family, then prolly a big long nap… I think.

    • @kylelreed

      Nice dude.
      When I lived in Vegas I was a huge In n Out guy.
      I was suppose to play drums at my friends church for easter (i did last year) but couldn't this year. Serving with the family at church which is cool.

  • JenniClayville

    1. both… you cannot ask if i'll take Jesus or the Holy Spirit. i need both.
    2. book… unless i decided i was illiterate for the day.
    3. what's easter?

    • @kylelreed

      Good point, the answer is definitely both.
      And don't worry about what easter is

  • Breezer

    –book unless its a comedy then hands-down movie
    –church in the AM, dyeing easter eggs, skype'ing with fam in TX, dinner with the rest of the fam, driving back to the city for the week ahead