Question(s) for You?

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Its that time again, Sunday questions….

A couple questions have been running through my head this week, you pick one (maybe two if you are feeling up to it) and let me know what you think.

1) Have you started to listen to Christmas Music Yet?
If yes, what did you start with?
If no, when will you start and with what?

2) Will the St. Louis Rams actually score 7 points today against the Saints?


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Kyle Reed

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  • Kyle Reed

    Rams will maybe get a field goal today
    Christmas waits until December first and it will be a Sufjan Christmas as winter long.

  • Rand

    Haven't listened to Christmas music yet but started feeling like listening to it yesterday… Maybe today is the day.

    • Kyle Reed

      What are you starting with?

  • Tyler

    Yes to the Xmas music but only because I was prepping for Xmas choir. Otherwise I don't start Xmas music until the day after T-giving. It's my own little boycott of black friday…music instead of shopping.

    I don't really care about the Rams, but they are a professional team that should be able to crank more than 7 pts.

    • Kyle Reed

      I am the same way, it has to be after thanksgiving. None of this starting now stuff. I can understand your predicament though. Gotta prep for Christmas at the church.
      have you heard Shane and Shane's Glory in the Highest Christmas CD? I think you would enjoy it.

  • jstainer

    Have not gone down the Christmas music road myself but I noticed that a new Chris Tomlin Christmas CD is sitting out, so my wife must have snuck it in there at some point.

    As for the Rams, I have no idea. I only watch hockey.

    • Kyle Reed

      Don't worry, Hockey is a great sport. My team (the Blues) are playing terrible though. Who do you like?

      • jstainer

        I am an Oiler fan. The 80s spoiled me and now every year is heartbreak!

  • Tom

    I've not started listening to Christmas music yet. I've got a personal rule not to start until Thanksgiving night; however, for whatever reason, it's been incredibly difficult to hold off the past couple of days.

    And I'm not into NFL. Just college ball – specifically, Georgia Tech ;)

    • Kyle Reed

      GT killed Duke this weekend. seems like they got a shot at the ACC title maybe?

    • Kyle Reed

      I am the same way, it has to be after thanksgiving. None of this starting now stuff. I can understand your predicament though. Gotta prep for Christmas at the church.

  • Shelby

    I haven't started yet, every year before now, in high school and middle school I was in symphonic band so we would start preparing for our Christmas concert starting in the beginning of november end of october, so its kind of strange that I haven't been listening yet. But I'm sure I will soon.

  • joanna

    1. Oh Come oh come emmanuel stays on my iPod all year round cause i really like it. Other than that not by choice (eg. only what's already playing in shops)

    2. Not being North American i have no idea what you are talking about

    • Kyle Reed

      That is one of my favorite Christmas songs. Check out shane and shane version here:

      I think you will like that.

      and do not worry, you are not missing out on anything that has to do with the Rams

      • joanna

        Thanks for pointing that out. Quite a nice arrangement. I also like the sojourn version

  • Casey

    I'm way behind in my blog reading (I have an excuse though, huh?)…so I'll just answer the first question:
    YES! I've already started…I like the Elf soundtrack and also a few Pandora stations…I love this time of year!