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Kyle Reed // @kylereed


Today is a little different.
Today is a football version of Question(s) for You.

I have been counting down the days to the kick-off of the regular season for what seems like ages. So to say that I am a little excited about this next weekend is an understatement. With the news that the St. Louis Rams starting quarterback will be Sam Bradford and a weak division I am going out on a huge limb here and predicting the Rams will make the playoffs in the next two years. Mark my words.

Okay let’s get into some NFL questions.

1) who is your team? (if you don’t have one just cheer for the Rams)

2) Do you play fantasy football?

3) Have you been to an NFL game? If so, better in person or at home?

Answer them all or just one….these are Questions for You.


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  • Adam Lehman

    Detroit Lions
    Fantasy Football = YES! (3 leagues)
    Pro Games = Better in real life.

    • Kyle Reed

      Dude, you are about as bad off as I am. The Lions were the Rams only win last year. Well I think Javed Best is going to be a stud. And stafford is pretty good.

  • wvpv

    1. Kansas City Chiefs
    2. Yes, with the same group from last year for the most part.
    3. Yes, Chiefs vs Bengals at Arrowhead with my dad in 1995. The Chiefs lost. It was nice to say I’d been there for a game at least once in my life, but sitting on the isle and getting beer spilled on me twice was not that great. Watching the game on a big screen with friends is way more fun, IMO.

    • Kyle Reed

      Thats pretty cool. And when the chiefs were actually good.

  • Brent

    Yes, 2 leagues this year.
    Yes, totally better in person. Haven’t been to any nfl games in years but like most sports it is totally better live.

    • Kyle Reed

      I agree with the live thing. So here is another question for you, what is the best sport to see live?

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  • Alex Marestaing

    Question #1: When I was a kid, definitely the Rams…until they left L.A.

    Question #2: No

    Question #3: Better on T.V.

    • Kyle Reed

      Come on aboard the rams train. We got plenty of room.

  • Casey

    1. I will always be loyal to the Rams…though there are other teams I root for :)
    2. Nope. If I had cable and could watch all the games I would probably play though.
    3. Better on TV…I like the commentary.

    • Kyle Reed

      Rams for life.
      And you don’t need cable, most of the games are on fox or cbs. You should definitely join or make a league just for all your friends and see who can pick the winners or something like that. Pretty fun.

      And like you I like the commentary as well. I also like being able to see the yellow line for the first down.

  • Kyle Reed

    1) My Team: St. Louis Rams…Sam Bradford baby
    2) I am in way to many fantasy football leagues. I am in three leagues of head-to-head matchups and then in a pick-em league.
    3) I have been to a couple of games, one monday night football game back in 2003 against the 49ers that was awesome. So I will say I like it live, I just never have the money to go. So I guess I like to watch it on television.

  • Tyler

    1. MN vikings
    2. I don’t just play fantasy football, I win.
    3. Every sport is better live. Just a bit more expensive.