Question(s) for You

Kyle Reed // @kylereed


Sunday provides us a day to relax, reflect, and refuel. On Sunday’s I like to sit back and ask a couple of questions. Maybe it sounds a little like those awkward games you play with people you do not know so that you can get to know each other better.

Lets just call it Question(s) for You.

You can answer them all or just one

1) What is the latest and greatest movie you have seen?

2) Would you rather be on the beaches of Hawaii or the mountains of Colorado?

3) What state were you born in?

Answer them all or just one….these are questions for you.


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Kyle Reed

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I create websites, conversations, and ideas. Advocate for the 20 somethings. Looking to connect everyone to a mentor. Married to my best friend, Ginny. I like my coffee black and my dog Jack. I currently live in Nashville and work at Sony Music/Provident in Nashville
  • Jay

    1. Can I say ‘Frozen’ is the greatest? Not really. BUT…it was very good. Creepy and they did a good job considering the entire movie took place in the same area for the most part. In fact, it will be a Netflix Pick of the Week.

    2. Mountains of Colorado. I love Colorado. I would move there in a heartbeat.

    3. NEW YORK baby!

    • Kyle Reed

      I thought I would say hawaii, but Colorado is calling my name

  • Michael

    1. Inception or The Social Network
    2. I’ve been to Hawaii so I’m gonna say Colorado
    3. Ohio

    • Kyle Reed

      Which movie is better?

  • David Clark

    1) Green Hornet. Loved it!
    2) Beach. Nothing like a great, sunny day.
    3) Missouri

    • Kyle Reed

      I wanted to see that, I will probably wait until it comes to video though.

      and Missouri….represent

  • Jenny

    1. The King’s Speech or The Fighter

    2. Mountains in Colorado

    3. Texas, but i don’t have the twang.

    • Kyle Reed

      I need to see both of those movies very very soon

      • Jenny

        Yeah you do. Go to a Matinee at what of those movie tavern places. Cheaper tickets normally and they have wine. :) That’s what i did anyways for the Kings speech. My dad took my sisters and I to The Fighter because the movie is about the “Eklunds.” Thought I’d hate it because its such a masculine subject matter but it was really good.

  • Kyle King

    1. I honestly don’t remember the last movie I saw in theaters but the last movie I saw was The Other Guys on a flight back to the States from Africa.

    2. I would much rather be in Hawaii than Colorado. I enjoy the warm more than the cold

    3. Missouri

    • Kyle Reed

      Missouri, i like seeing that state pop up on here

  • Laura Anne

    1. The last movie I saw was the King’s Speech and it was excellent. Not weak link in it. Colin Firth better get that Oscar tonight because he is most deserving of it! It’s tough to pick the greatest movie I’ve ever seen though. My favourite remains to be ‘Dangerous Minds’. or E.T.

    2. Beaches of Hawaii. Surfs up!

    3. I wasn’t born in any state.

    • Kyle Reed

      I really want to see that movie

  • Nathan

    1. Finally got to see the Social Network – it was pretty good. Also saw Unknown recently… it was just a bad Bourne Identity remake, unfortunately.

    2. Mountains of Colorado – although, I’ve never been skiing, so I don’t know why I say that… maybe just for the view.

    3. Illinois.

    • Kyle Reed

      I heard unknown was very good.

      Believe it or not I was born in Illinois as well, but only lived there 2 years

  • Shelby

    1. I have not seen any new movies in ages… Despicable Me is in my DVD player non stop though :)
    2. BEACHES. Mountains are TOO cold.
    3. North Carolina! Born and raised y’all! ;)

    • Kyle Reed

      I have never been to North Carolina, but I need to

  • Adam

    1. The Green Hornet – Latest…ok, but not greatest.

    2. Beaches of Hawaii.

    3. Alabama

    • Kyle Reed

      Interesting, I have heard mixed reviews of that movie. I will probably wait until it hits the redbox

      • Adam

        Yea, you definitely should.

  • Matt Ralph

    1. Latest and greatest? I liked The Social Network, but wouldn’t say it was great.

    2. I was in Colorado last summer and wouldn’t mind going on vacation there every summer.

    3. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

    • Kyle Reed


      I wont go as far as saying I hate KU, well yes I will…I hate KU

      • Matt Ralph

        Even better I’m also a Cubs fan too.

        • Kyle Reed

          wow, Matt I don’t know if we can be friends.
          This is brutal, I will pray for you

  • dustin

    1) Saw Tangled with the kids a couple weeks back… and it was actually really, really good!
    2) Beaches. No doubt.
    3) California

    • Kyle Reed

      I wondered about that movie. I guess I need to find some kids to go and see it with

  • Erin

    1. The King’s Speech. Brilliant movie. Fabulous acting, writing, editing…all of it fantastic.
    2. Mountains, not even a complex decision. I come alive in the mountains.
    3. Born in Texas. It’s been good to me. But, despite what the bumper stickers say about Texas being the best, I’m ready to be somewhere else. The problem is, Texas is so stinking big, it takes half a lifetime just to reach the border.

    • Kyle Reed

      ha, almost like Texas has trapped you in. time to break free. Come to nashville…it’s great

  • Adam Lehman

    1. Food Inc.
    2. Hawaii
    3. Indiana

    • Kyle Reed

      Man I do not know if I could see food inc, but I probably need to