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Kyle Reed // @kylereed


Does this month seem like it has flown by? (did I spell by right, I never know if I do) Last week we celebrated a beautiful day of inspiration and hope, that day continues to be celebrated and remembered all across the world. I hope that your Easter was blessed.

These storms have been crazy btw. As I went into Thursday nights storms I said, “I live in a brick building, I’m not worried.” But hearing about the devastation in Alabama, I think that attitude is changing. Be praying for all affected by this terrible time of devastation.

Here are some tough question(s) for you:

1) Who is one musician or band that you wish would return to their original form? (Like an old album or sound they use to have and have now changed to something different)

2) In the last two weeks, what is one thing that you are really glad that you did?

3) One instrument you wish you could play?

Answer them all or just one….these are Questions for You.


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Kyle Reed

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I create websites, conversations, and ideas. Advocate for the 20 somethings. Looking to connect everyone to a mentor. Married to my best friend, Ginny. I like my coffee black and my dog Jack. I currently live in Nashville and work at Sony Music/Provident in Nashville
  • Joanna

    In the last two weeks, what is one thing that you are really glad that you did? See Switchfoot in concert. They were AMAZING!

    One instrument you wish you could play? Wish I could play the guitar. Never could quite manage it when I tried to teach myself

    • Kyle Reed

      switchfoot live is great stuff.

  • jeremysecrest

    I’d like to learn pedal steel guitar sometime

    • Kyle Reed

      that would be awesome.

      I am with you on that one

  • Josh

    I’d love to be able to play lap steel guitar and harmonica.

    • Kyle Reed

      yes, see response above

  • Stephanie

    1.) Relient K before they went mainstream. I’m talking about the albums prior to “Two Lefts Don’t Make a Right, But Three Do”.

    3.) Instead of picking an instrument, I wish I was more attuned to playing instruments by ear then I could play whichever one I picked.

    • Kyle Reed

      ya, once you go mainstream and move from underground you lose it. But I will say I never really was a strong reliant k fan

  • Michael

    1. Obviously it own’t happen, but I wish that Nirvana could come back and sound like they did on nevermind.

    2. First Easter service at our new church.

    3. Guitar for sure. I want to melt faces.

    • Kyle Reed

      agreed with nirvana, but at least we still have Dave

      And that is awesome. I was praying about your service and easter. Glad it went well.

  • dustin

    1. Good question…. maybe U2.
    2. Schedule a vacation.
    3. Piano.

    • Kyle Reed

      wait a minute, U2? Come on now, that is blasphemy in these parts

  • Conor

    I wish Delirious was I their Glo album days, because they would still be playing…and that was just a cool album.

    I loved spending Holy Week with my community, and the progression of it

    I pick up instruments fairly well (curse of a band directors son), but I always thought it would be cool to be a quality violinist.

    • Kyle Reed

      I wish I could play cello, that is a beautiful instrument

  • Jason

    1. Van Halen. What I wouldn’t give to see the 1984 era Halen again.

    2. I’m glad I went to Alabama to help out.

    3. Fiddle.

    • Kyle Reed

      well I wasn’t born yet so I do not know if I can identify with you on that one. but I will take your word for it :)

  • Adam Lehman

    2. Ate at Dirty Frank’s Hot Dog Palace:
    3. Guitar

    • Kyle Reed

      that sounds epic. I will add that to the list if I am ever in Columbus.
      How is the new place?

  • Allison

    I applied for a new job in my field that i’m incredibly passionate about this week. Having hope is extraordinary.

    Ukelele! I’m serious! Or return to the cello. So gorgeous…i wish i had one so i could pick it up again.

    • Kyle Reed

      that is awesome. Keep us up to date on how that goes

  • Jenny

    1) i don’t know. I would say spice girls. :)

    2) idk. these last two weeks have been awesome and crazy. I had a really epic conversation with a woman on easter sunday. I’m glad i spent the day doing stuff with my apt churches rather than with my family though I sulked a little bit that night as i ate pei wei. :)

    3) BANJO!!!!!

    • Kyle Reed

      banjo would be awesome. I will add that one to my list as well.

      I hear you on the easter stuff. It was a great day but missed my family

  • Jason Vana

    2. I’m really glad I stepped out and started doing graphic design/marketing work on the side. I’ve been able to create some great logos for people and picked up some new clients along the way.

    3. The piano.