Question(s) for You

Kyle Reed // @kylereed


Sunday provides us a day to relax, reflect, and refuel. On Sunday’s I like to sit back and ask a couple of questions. Maybe it sounds a little like those awkward games you play with people you do not know so that you can get to know each other better.

Lets just call it Question(s) for You.

1) What is one of your goals for the summer? Any big plans? learn a new skill or hobby? Go on vacation?

2) Would you rather have shorts weather or cardigan weather?

3) Beach or Mountains?

Answer them all or just one….these are Questions for You.


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Kyle Reed

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I create websites, conversations, and ideas. Advocate for the 20 somethings. Looking to connect everyone to a mentor. Married to my best friend, Ginny. I like my coffee black and my dog Jack. I currently live in Nashville and work at Sony Music/Provident in Nashville
  • Reba

    My goal for the summer is to save enough money to take a French class this fall. I want to go back to Paris but would love to speak a little French before I do.
    Cardigans all the way. I love a little cool and even a bit foggy and misty.
    Beach all the way…but a nice beach where jeans and a sweater while walking up and down the coast..English coast, pacific northwest, etc….

    What about you?

    • @kylereed

      that is an awesome goal. I want to take some spanish lessons personally.

      And cardigans all the way

  • Jason Vana

    1. Lose 10 lbs (1/2 way there!) and, of course, the trip to Czech in a little over a week.

    2. Cardigan weather. I rock the button down, jeans and cardigan look.

    3. Mountains. 

    • @kylereed

      dude that is awesome. Keep it up. 

      And I am a big cardigan guy as well

      • Jason Vana

        Thanks man. So what are your answers to the questions?

        • @kylereed

          1. My summer plans are to execute ideas and lay the foundation for bigger ideas
          2. Cardigan
          3. Beach 

  • Anonymous

    1. Going on a missions trip to Togo, Africa in August
    2. Cardigan thought I don’t actually wear them.
    3. Mountains (I guess it feels that way after living 10 mins from the beach for 14 years)

  • Anonymous

    1. Headed “home” to Pennsylvania for a couple weeks to visit both families. This really has to be done with our little kids, and it’s nice but eats up our whole vacation budget (money and days) for the year, pretty much. 

    2. Shorts weather. Love living in the sunbelt!

    3. Beach baby. One major downside of moving to Houston was moving away from our family beachhouse. 

    • @kylereed

      well it will be worth hanging out with family. Sounds like fun

  • Anonymous

    1. Going to Oklahoma City, OK on a top secret mission (Okay, maybe it’s not so secret) to hang out with some of the YouVersion and Digerati guys. Not exactly sure all that i’ll be doing, but I was invited and it’s gonna be amazing. So stoked for this trip. When? End of July, thanks for asking.

    2. I like hoodies, so I prefer the colder weather. I also like rockin’ jeans and 90 degrees just isn’t good jeans weather. Wished it was about 30 degrees cooler so I could rock them comfortably. 

    3. I like the mountains more. I am about an hours drive away from the mountains on the upstate of SC while at school and love the view they provide on campus. Here’s a pic that sorta showcases the view. Not the best though.

    Hope your weekend is going well Kyle! :)

    • @kylereed

      dude that sounds awesome. You will have to keep us up to date on how that trip goes. 

      • Anonymous

        That’s my plan. Like i said, not many details, just a date so far. I’ll blog the journey as I find out more. You can expect lots of check-ins via gowalla & foursquare when it’s going down. haha

  • Laura Anne

    1. To exercise more & eat healthier than I  have been!

    2. Shorts weather

    3. beach. But in Scotland I get to have both on my doorstep.

    • @kylereed

      how is that goal going?

  • Jenny ecklund

    1) My Goals:  To get in better shape, pay off credit card, work on applications for peace corp and teach for america

     Vacations: I’ve already spent time in Atlanta. Im flying out to make the trip i go on every year with my dad and stepmom to Beach off the New England Coast for a long weekend and this year hop on into boston for some shopping and urban sight seeing. I also might plan some other mini adventures… i haven’t decided yet. 2) Cardigans. I love rain, and cold, and the feeling of a nubby cardigan sleeve pulled over my hands…. BLISS. 3) Mountains.. good snuggly, book reading happens in the mountains. 

    • @kylereed

      wow, that is a lot to do in a summer. 

  • wvpv

    1. goal: mow the lawn as little as possible.  no official vacation plans.  working at the fireworks stand for my son’s scout troop this weekend.
    2. definitely cardigan weather.  you can always put more clothes on.  
    3. mountains make my wife happy, so mountains.

    • @kylereed

      I love how dads always get roped into helping with stuff. That is awesome. 

      And smart answer on number 3

  • Anonymous

    1. Finding community in a new community. (ie, moving)
    2. Cardigan. I hate shaving my white legs that never tan.
    3. Mountains. Any season!

    • @kylereed

      Congrats on the move and I hope that you can continue to foster community

  • Prudence

    2. Both. Warm enough during the day to warrant shorts, but cool enough in the evening to warrant a cardigan.

    3.  Beach

    • @kylereed

      Both was not an option Prudence :)

      • Prudence

        I’m a rebel.

  • Krista Stryker

    1.  Goal in three weeks: to move to San Francisco. Yay West Coast! Also, to finish the AWAI copywriting course I’m taking so I can actually produce some income from writing. And to start meeting awesome people in SF.  And to learn to surf.
    2.  Shorts.  
    3.  Beach.  Although after living in a flatland for the past three years (Amsterdam and then NYC), I’m really looking forward to some California mountains. 

    • @kylereed

      wow that is awesome. I would love to go to San Fran. Seems like a lot of amazing things are happening there. Congrats

  • Brent Baker

    1. have every show be better then the one before it. my “big plans” for the summer are being on tour all summer with a youth conference. my other goal is for my foot to heal, so I won’t have to keep walking on crutches.
    2. shorts weather, to me that is anything over about 60 degrees 

    • @kylereed

      those are some big goals and hope that foot gets better

  • Dustin

    1. one goal: road trip out to texas to visit family. will be interesting with 3 small kiddos. 2. either, but if i had to choose – probably shorts.3. beach.

    • @kylereed

      that will be an interesting trip with 1 kid, add in 2 more…dang. Have fun though

  • Jody

    1. My goal for the week is to actually make time to write out my summer/6 month goals
    2. I could wear athletic shorts and a hoodie everyday and love it
    3. Beach – b/c at night you can wear shorts and a hoodie 

    • @kylereed

      well good for you.

      Let us know what you come up with 

  • Brad Blackman

    1. Figure out a new direction for my art
    2. Either one, though I do like wearing sweaters. You can always put on more layers, and hot chocolate by the fire is fun.
    3. Cinque Terre. Coastal region in Italy, like the French Riviera but not as pricey. Gorgeous cliffs by the water. Kinda the best of both, with amazing seafood.

    • @kylereed

      wow, love that you have a specific place. Sounds amazing…best of both worlds

  • Adam

    1) Moving this weekend. Getting unpacked will be my goal for the rest of the summer…and maybe a beach trip!2) Shorts weather.3) Beach

  • Stephen Lynch

    1. Build the drumming community around me.
    2. TANK TOPS!
    3. Mountains