Radical Reformission

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

yesterday I finished a book by m,ark driscoll called the radical reformission. another great book that i would recommend reading.
he is a minister in seattle at mars hill christian church. this book has given me a couple of new insights about our culture. he made a great point about postmodernism. he talked about how people viewed modernism as a demon and they wanted to cast it out, but when you cast out a demon and don’t replace it with the holy spirit seven more demons come in and take its place. he says that he sees seven demons in our so called postmodern culture:
1) the culture looks at Jesus as a wimp
2) being who you are, but not repenting of sin
3) playing with interpretation of the bible, giving it no authority
4) faith is defined by what against and what for
5) look out for ourselves, try and sell God
6) everyone crearted equal, every opinion is good
7) opinions are only specualtions, and there is no revelation

i found these very interesting and a interesting point of view. my next book i am starting is by arron chambers called running on empty. hopefully i will finish it by wednesday so i can finish tozers pursuit of God.
today we are doing a whole lot of nothing in the office. we are waiting for stuff to get uploaded onto the computers so that we can start to work on damage reports. so this gives me the time to do whatever i want. on the computer here in the office they have photoshop cs, i have been playing around with that and learning from the tutorial. hopefully by the time i buy my powerbook i will have a basic knowledge of photoshop. i am still trying to figure out how i am going to buy my powerbook. i might get a lone or just wait till i have the money.

while i was a conference this last week i was talking with one of the guys who heads up junior high believe and he told me i need to fill out an application to come and work with them touring this fall and winter. so i am in the process of doing that. if i get the job i will have to take a year off of school to be able to work for them. i am kind of excited about not having to go to school for a year. for the longest time i have been in school and have never experienced a year without school. we will see what happens. 19th birthday coming up. 19 is not a really big deal. nothing like 16,18, or 21 it is just another year down. we will see if i get anything cool. i am trying to get my dad to buy or give me his mountain bike so i can start to ride more. i will be home for the weekend of july 4th and am excited about getting a break from ciy.

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  • tush

    I have heard some good things about Driscol’s book. You know he is the one Don Miller calls “the cussing pastor”

  • blake white

    Great book. I am looking forward to his new one in May.