Reading Blogs Could Be Taking Away From Your Spiritual Growth

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Last week I worked on some goals for the summer. One thing that I wrote at the top of the page shaped a couple of my goals. A wise sage asked me this question a couple of weeks ago and it hasn’t left me since. It is a question that I really do not want to answer nor do I want to feel convicted about, but it must be said and answered.

Do you spend more time in God’s word then you do reading blogs?

My answer to this questions is simple: No.
There is something wrong with that. I spend more time with the television, the internet, talking, eating, or for that matter drinking coffee then I do reading the word of God. Something has to change.

Does this question change anything for you?


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  • dubdynomite

    When it comes to reading the Bible, I think its much more important how much time you spend meditating on the Word than how much time you spend reading it.

    Other things I read, hear and see always tend to remind me of things I’ve read, heard and studied in or about the Bible.

    When it comes to reading blogs, there are other intangibles to be factored in, like the community that some blogs create, and how some others challenge me to think about what I believe and why I believe it – which always turns me back to the Bible.

    Again, this is my experience, so your mileage may vary.

    • Kyle Reed

      You are right.
      I know for me though I can make excuses for myself, telling myself that i will meditate on the word, but leave it sitting at my desk and never taking it with me for the rest of the day.
      I tend to meditate more on what others have said then on the scripture i read.

  • JuliaKate

    i feel like during my entire sunday school career i was asked that question and of course whatever the other thing was in competition with bible reading usually won. of course i can tend to spend my time on non-productive things, but most blog reading i do edifies or at least reminds me that once in awhile you just need to have a good laugh. i think it all brings me closer to God, because the more i learn about myself and the rest of humanity, the more i learn about God & His love, mercy, grace, compassion & generosity. etc.
    Good question to ask, in order to get us on the track of paying attention to what we’re filling ourselves with;)

    • Kyle Reed

      that is true. A lot of the blog reading that I do center around questions, discussion, and sometimes scripture.

  • Robin D.

    If you quit doing most everything else you do, and focus on reading/studying the Bible all day long, do you know what you’ll probably end up with? I do. More than likely, you’ll end up with an incredible amount of P-R-I-D-E in the fact that you read/study the Bible so much. And it may or may not do you or the people around you any tangible good. Such has been my own experience anyway. Study to show yourself approved…read God’s Word in order to get to know His Heart better…but just like everything else you do, I strongly caution you to make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons and motivations…or else you could end up distancing just about everybody else in your life…except for the other people who sit around reading/studying the Bible all day. This is the confession of a former “Ladies Bible Study” addict, who has learned that there is way more to life than “sitting around in the huddle” all the time. =)

    • Kyle Reed

      You bring up a great point. Motives need to be looked at.
      I remember a friend in high school who was going off to college and realized that he never read through the bible before. He set out to read it in 3 months. It was an admirable thing to do, but that is all he did and held it over all of us.
      That can get old and annoying.

      I myself want to make sure that I am spending time with God and not blogs.

      • Robin D.

        Great answer, Kyle! Sometimes when we make changes based on what other people think we should be doing, we make them for the wrong reasons. Sounds like both your heart and your head are in the right place though. =)

  • Brett Barner

    That’s a great question to ask. I probably spend more time trying to fix everyone’s problems (whether they wanted me to or not) than I do in God’s Word. I’m working on fixing that right now. I’m getting to the point where I don’t NEED to do everything myself, and am letting others put their thumb prints on it. I’m a bit of a control freak.

    Another question to ask is if you’re just reading or meditating. Reading is a great place to start; thinking about it is taking it to the next level.

    • Kyle Reed

      yes it is interesting to see how we can help others and be there to offer words of advice but yet ourselves have a hard time reading and taking advice from the God.

  • John (8BIT)

    that question is meant to be completely indicting – no man reads the word of God (at least in today’s american culture) more than he does other things.

    but, it brings to mind both quantity and quality.

    God doesn’t care about the former as long as it doesn’t affect the latter.

  • Josue Izaul

    Just recently, the blogosphere was introduced to me. And like anything. We have to properly manage our time. I guess it all goes back to having some sort of discipline, routine, and spontaneous bible time (both meditating and reading).

    I like what @john(8bit) said. We search the scripture because in them we find truth. A truth that daily sets us free. We read the scriptures to receive truth to keep in reserve for our personal life and more truth to share with others.

    Unfortunately, some have focused on so much on giving, they forget to receive.

    • Kyle Reed

      I love what a professor said to me in college.
      Your conversation and thoughts should come out of the overflow of your spiritual life and devotion to God.

      • Josue Izaul

        What you said right there is so true!