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Kyle Reed // @kylereed

WordPress 3.1 has been released. There has been some new design elements and features for developers that should make life a little easier. You can read all about the new features here

One feature that I wanted to talk about that I find highly annoying is the new admin bar that is displayed across the top of your site. When seeing this I immediately wanted to get rid of it. I went on a search and found out exactly how to accomplish this.

Removing Style Admin Bar

If you have not seen what I am talking about here is a quick shot of my site:

That got annoying the first time I saw it. Here is how to remove it.

Go to your dashboard and navigate down to Users.

Once there click on Your Profile and you will be taken into the settings of your account.

You will see an option that says Show Admin Bar and a box next to that which says When Viewing Site

Uncheck that box and hit save.

You now have successfully removed the annoying Admin Bar on your site.


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  • alece


  • austinklee

    Glad I saw this tweet before trying to find the answer!

  • Graham

    Nice! Glad they made it easy.

    That thing is annoying. Been working on a new blog all day and that has been the bain of my existence.

  • Brian Notess

    My initial response was annoyance too, but I usually like to give updates like this a solid try before getting rid of them. I can see how this could be helpful since the admin bar contains almost every action that I regularly perform on my wp-admin page.

    I guess I’lll try the one browser window approach… at least for a week or so.

    • Kyle Reed

      I will be interested if you keep it or not. i know i was immediately annoyed. Good luck

      • Brian Notess

        Actually I found an immediate +1 for it when using logged into my Network (Multisite) account. Faster switching between sites.

        But what can I say, hatas gonna hate ;-)

  • Ben

    Thank you for helping me prevent stabbing myself eye.

    • Ben

      eh… “in the” eye.

    • Kyle Reed


  • Michael

    Thank you. That was going to drive me crazy.

    • Kyle Reed

      that was the first thing I had to do, get rid of that stupid thing

  • DT

    thanks so easy and clear for everyone.