Resource of the Day #76 – Dropbox

Kyle Reed // @kylereed


Dropbox is a great way to keep things synced over multiple computers and even on your phone. This is one of the first apps I download after I do a fresh install. The video above gives a good description of how it can be helpful for several uses. It is very simple and very hands off (don’t you love it when stuff just works?) And the best part: You get 2GB worth of online storage for free!

You can get dropbox here.

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  • JRallis

    sounds a lot like what Google apps offers. I currently use Google apps for tons of things but I think I'll check dropbox out. Sounds like it might be a little more plug and play and geared toward files rather then tasks, rss feeds, docs, calendar, ect.. like Google.

    • Brett Barner

      I'm a Google apps guy myself. I use dropbox mostly for storing pics, small programs, and music files. But also instead of emailing myself something, I can just drop it into a file and not think about it again until I need it. This also provides a great way to organize files on multiple computers. I hope you try it out. Let me know how it goes!

  • dannyjbixby


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  • Susi

    Put 250MB extra space on the free 2 GB when sign-in:

    Susi =)