On Taking Risk

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Today I want to talk about risk.

A subject living in the shadow of fear.

Take a look at your life, do you like what you see?
Now take a look at your past, what have you learned?



I believe achievement comes through what we achieve (novel thought right?).
We can talk about all we want to achieve, but the ability to point to what we actual did only comes from what we actually do.

This is as much for me as it is for you. For I am the biggest culprit in fear and risk management. I’ve mastered the proper amount of risk to allow myself to believe the lie of truly making change.
But as I reflect on my career professionally, I have not accomplished the things I really want to accomplish. I can only blame myself for the state I am in.

I’ve been a pretender when it comes to achievement and risk.

Have you struggled with moving forward?
Of taking on fear and risk and making it to the other side?
Let’s both stop playing it safe.

Consider these words from Casey Neistat:

As a guiding principle life shrinks and life expands in direct proportion to your willingness to take risk.

You get a small amount of time to pursue what you care about.

The right time to pursue something is always right now.

The most dangerous thing you can do in your career and in life is to play it safe.

It’s time to stop playing it safe and do what we believe we can do.
As Seth Godin says, turn pro.

Doing the work requires risk and hard work. The only person who can do this is you.

Get to work!

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