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Kyle Reed // @kylereed

Gary Vee is my boy. I do not know him (but will someday), but I feel like he is a mentor to me. I love everything he says, does, and tweets. Well I say everything, except for one little minor detail. I do not understand his love for

Check out this video of what he has to say about it all:

I get it, we need to be engaging and listening to what people have to say. But if you take a quick jump over to you will find more spam, pointless crap, and languages you cannot read then a 54 year old grandmas email inbox. There is so much clutter going on it is impossible to listen, react, and then respond.

I think Gary is on to something, we definitely need to be engaging in conversation, but “businesses” (I use that term loosly, more like spammers) are starting to catch on to this as well. Understanding that people are looking for conversation on blogging, twitter, and social media the amount of link bait and resources are more about getting click throughs for money instead of helping others grow their brand and platform. is broken, we need another way to engage in conversation.

The answer to this problem is You might be thinking, wait a second you just said it was broken? It is broken, but how do you fix broken, you refine. The solution to the problem here is to start using advance search tool. This allows the opportunity to get away from all the spam and into the discussion that is taking place.

Check out some of these options:

You can get as refined as you want. Choosing to exclude certain words from search as well as choosing certain hashtags to follow. This is the very thing that Gary Vee is talking about, finding ways to engage in a niche community.

Take for example the way I used on Monday for the live Love Wins stream with Rob Bell. Instead of using the hashtage #lovewins and seeing all the people that were tweeting about the livestream, I wanted to get to the conversation. The main reason I didn’t just use the hashtag of #lovewins was because any time someone said they were watching the stream or were telling their followers to go and watch the stream it would pop up in the #lovewins hashtag section. It was hard to have a conversation with people when ever other tweet is a link to the livestream. With the help of the advance search tool I was able to filter out the word livestream and only see the tweets that were directly in correlation to what Rob was saying.

You might be wondering what the buy in is for you? The buy in for you is that there is an audience out there that is not being engaged. A group of people that are having the same discussions you are having but do not know who you are. You might blog about being a dad, why not use advance search tool to engage in conversation with other dads. You might blog about how to save money with coupons, what better way to engage others who are doing the same. No matter what you blog about there is a crowd that is gathering around the conversation and is ready for engagement.

Have you ever used
How do you engage others in conversation on twitter?


For a great walkthrough on how to use the advance search tool check out what Justin Wise wrote on his post Twitter Search Japan Earthquake

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  • wvpv

    Best of all, there’s an RSS feed for the search results. Ding. Google Reader.

    • Kyle Reed

      that is a great thing

  • ThompsonWrites

    Truth uncovered. Great points and Gary is also a major voice in my brain. I haven’t dug into TYE yet (3 other books to finish) but soon. I appreciate what you’re doing on your blog. Nice and clean. Hope to intersect more often. cheers to black coffee – I’m an espresso_ite.

    • Kyle Reed

      nice, I haven’t gone the espresso route ever. Maybe one day.