Productivity Hacking: Chalk and Showers

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

This is part  of a series on Productivity Hacking. You can read the rest here

Efficiency is a great word.
It can bring sanity, structure and productivity to any area it is applied.

With the start of the new year, the focus to accomplish more is at the fore-front of everyones mind. Inside of these goals, efficiency is begging to be a part of all that you do.
As I have started my 52/7 focus for the new year, efficiency has been baked into everything I do.

This Productivity hack focuses on chalk and the shower.


Not wanting to waste time, often we can make up time in our everyday routine. One place to do this is the shower. Hopefully, showering is something you do every single day. It is as common as sleeping, eating and working. Focusing on this time being renewed, the shower can become a place where ideas are dreamt, sketched and formulated. Recently, my shower has turned into my canvas of productivity. I have used my shower walls as my canvas to capture ideas and plans, and you can too.

This can be accomplished several different ways.

1. Chalk

The way that I have accomplished this hack is by using a piece of chalk to write on my walls. I have tile walls which allow me to write down ideas and then erase once I have been able to transfer the info over to Evernote. This time allows me to not let my ideas go down the drain.

2. Pencil and Paper

If you do not have tile on your bathroom walls another great practice is to get waterproof pencil and paper (I have used this product here from amazon and it works great). This is another way to capture different ideas that you might have as you stand there and think about your day.

3. Notecards

There is a John Maxwell quote that I have had in my shower walls at my parents house for over 11 years:

Leaders don’t whine from the challenge they win from the challenge

I wrote this on a notecard my sophomore year of high school and taped it to my bathroom wall. Every time I see it I am reminded of the importance of leadership and the challenge that is ahead. One way to hack your productivity is to write thoughts, insights or ideas on a notecard and tape them in places you can see. If you don’t want to tape them to your bathroom wall, tape them to the mirror in your bathroom. It can serve as a daily reminder for you and others.

These are 3 ideas that can help you hack your productivity and redeem your time. As most would note, our time is precious. This series will focus on all the different ways we can get more time and more productive.

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