Productivity Hacking: Silence

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

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Ask anyone one thing they would like more of besides money and the common answer would be time. But surrounding the desire for more time is something that I think we all miss, silence. As a byproduct of time, silence is one of the main things we neglect. Taking a moment to just be quiet goes against everything we think we need. In reality, sometimes taking a moment to be silent can be the most productive thing you can do.

As crazy and loud your life might be, the best habit of productivity is to take some time to be silent.


Most of the advice I have heard about getting things done talks about capitalizing on your commute. Redeeming that time is a great way to stay productive, but I would argue using this time to be silent is the most productive thing you can do. Lately I have turned my drive time into silent time. Instead of listening to the radio, sports talk or make phone calls, I choose to be silent. This allows me to think through my day, do some praying and come up with ideas.

At first it was difficult to be quiet for more then 2 minutes. But lately I have found myself taking longer and longer moments of silence to just sit and think. Recently, silence has helped me be more productive with my to-do list, my ideas, and future conversations.  Because silence has caused me to be intentional. And when I choose to be intentional, my time gets intentional. And so the very thing that I need more of, time, becomes more accessible because I have become intentional with the time I have.

My productivity hack for time is to use silence to get more intentional with everything I do.
Try it today, spend some drive time being quiet. You might be surprised how much more productive you will get.

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    I will try this today. :) Thanks for the tip!