Stories From Your Childhood Pt2

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

It was so fun and therapeutic to share a story from my childhood that I had never told before that I am back for round 2.

When I was a kid my Grandparents lived about 15 minutes away from our house. We would go over there for dinner on Friday nights and sometimes I would spend the night. One of my favorite things about going to my grandparents house was the unlimited amount of soda, they had a CD player (we had yet to get one) and they had green peppermints. I was a sucker for green peppermints. I ate those things like they were candy.
Seeing the signs of addiction starting at a young age my grandma or mom would cut me off after about 5. The problem was I wanted to eat about 50 more. I guess I had no conscious as a kid and knew that I was going to need to get more, so I stole them for later consumption. My opportune time to eat the wonderful goodness that was green peppermints was late at night. I usually took up residence in the living room which gave me direct access to the kitchen where my drug of choice was stored. I would stock up on the peppermints at every opportune time during the day only to enjoy my treasure later that night when everyone was sleeping. I would eat these things one after another until I could not take the minty freshness that was my breathe. My plan seemed to always be perfect but there was something that would always get me caught.

The problem that plagued me was the wrappers. After eating about 15 of these things I started to accumulate a lot of trash. I obviously could not throw them away in the trash because the next morning my grandma would see them and be onto my game.
So I improvised, I stuffed them down the cushions of the couch or when I would get lazy just put them under the coach. This was my usual hiding spot for trash and things that I did not want to be found. Sometimes I would go for a late night Coka Cola drink and would hide the can under the coach as well. This plan seemed to work great, that was until the next morning. I never took into account that my grandma would notice the missing peppermints from the jar or for that matter would be sweeping the house on Saturdays. These thoughts never crossed my mind, probably because I was trying to sleep off my caffeine and sugar hangover.

As I write this I have probably laughed out loud at least two or three times thinking about the good ole days. I do not know why I did this or the fact that my logic was very faulty. Needless to say I still love green peppermints and get a 5 pound bag for Christmas from my grandma every year. I guess I am an addict.

What is a funny story from your childhood?


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  • Shelby Radovich

    I cannot think of any good stories, I've been trying to all day with no success! haha
    But i was SO addicted to those green peppermints as a kid, they were SOOOOOO good!

    • @kylelreed

      Not one?????
      Green Peppermints are the best.

  • David

    I've got a few untold ones, but this one that I recently told is far and away the most ridiculous

    • @kylelreed

      Your URL didn't work

      • David

        Hmm, weird…it worked just then (and I cleared cache to confirm)

        oh well

        Here it is repasted…and long…

        The site name is short for “oops, I crapped my pants”, just so ya know.

        Saved by the Snot
        Disclaimer : I've never actually crapped my pants as an adult, but due to popular demand from the site owners, here's my story of doing everything but…

        It was a cool, spring morning and I was feeling a little stressed. For this then-11 year old, back in nineteen-eighty-*cough*, stressed meant being unsure which yoyo should be taken to school – the one shaped like a rugby ball, or the Fanta promo with glitter edges.
        What I'd forgotten was that I was performing in a play later that day…and that was a much better reason to be stressed.
        Rindercella and Her Sigly Stepusters is, naturally, a spoof on the classic Cinderella story (spoof…now there's a word than never looks right…) Anyway, Rindercella is basically Cinderella with a lots of details switched. Like guys playing the girls and girls playing the guys, amongst other things. So it follows that I had been cast in the role of Rindercella, given my metro-hawtness that was apparent even then.
        What I didn't realise when I left the house that morning was that despite weeks of rehearsal, what was about to transpire would be enough to cause a lesser pre-teen potential metro to hermit themselves away and hoping never to be seen again.
        Wait. I did that for a while. That's a whole 'nutha story though, so…as you were.
        There I was, on stage in full princess regalia, and all was going swimmingly. I was remembering that my name was Rindercella, that I had sigly stepusters and that the randsome hince was going to come to my rescue. At some point in proceedings, one of my scenes required me to sneeze. Being a diligent student of method acting, naturally I obliged in the most convincing way possible. And it was very convincing.
        Far far too convincing it turns out, as what proceeded to escape my nostrils and make its way onto all surrounding surfaces without regard for social standing or influence,including all over the microphone I was holding (and I mean all) made the copious amounts of ectoplasmic goop – as seen in all good B-grade sci-fi flicks – seem like an amoeba's poop by comparison.
        Being a seasoned professional, I attempted to carry on, but there were not enough tissues and or handkerchiefs in the known universe to remove the snot from the mic, my face, my costume, or … most embarrassingly, my co-stars.
        I somehow managed to retain some dignity and complete the rest of the school year. This may or may not have been related to my being school captain, and hence commanding instant undeserved respect and awe amongst my fellow students. But I have never again accepted any acting roles which required sneezing, and hence my career as a B-grade actor was over before it began.
        Though I did go on to play the role of Spiv, a gay martian scientist.
        That could explain a lot, huh…

        • @kylelreed

          Wow, that is probably the last thing that you expected to happen. At least you didn't eat it.

          • David

            Yeah, that would be have been the straw which broke the camel's back for sure…

  • Anonymous

    my funny story:

    LOL when I was in the 3rd grade (before I got pulled out of public school) I slapped a boy for doing the north/west/east/south thing in the school playground. When I got sent to the principal’s office and they told me I shouldn’t hit other people, I said…


    3rd grade. Seriously.