SuperBowl FTW (For the Win)

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

It is that time again…the time were millions of pounds of food will be consumed and record amount of TV’s will be sold. It is SuperBowl time. What better way to celebrate and look forward to the big day then to have a little competition.
Here is what we got going here on Thoughts about Nothing, a competition to see who can predict the winner and come closest to the score.

Not only will you be required to pick the winning team but also will need to come closest to the score.
-You will get 5 points for predicting the team that wins
-You will 30 points for predicting the correct score
-You will get 15 points for being within a field goal (3 points off) of the correct score
-You will get 5 points for being within a touchdown (7 points off) of the correct score
(I will tally the final score and then tally your prediction to figure this out)

Comments will be open up until Sunday at 5pm central standard time.

Now this is difficult, I mean to predict a score of something is so unpredictable and unstable is very difficult. So I have decided to even the playing field and little bit.
Here are some options to get you some “points.”

You can do one or all of the following:
-(2 Points) Tweet out this competition saying: “@kylelreed is having a superbowl contest come and predict the winner and walk away a winner
-(5 Points) Subscribe to this blog in your googlereader and tell me about it on twitter @kylelreed click here to subscribe
-(4 points) pick the MVP of the superbowl (minus 2 points if you pick Peyton Manning and he wins the MVP)
-(10 points) If you write a guest post for Thoughts About Nothing dealing the issue of Mentoring or Twitter and Community
-(1 Million Points) if you give me a ticket to the superbowl
-(20 points) If you blog about this contest and link back to this contest
-(2 points) if you follow me on twitter and tell me about it @kylelreed
-(5 points) if you leave a comment on my sisters blog here or my dads blog here (do both and I will give you 10)

So you can do all of these or just one.
These points will go to your final score.
Like if you do three of these and get lets say 9 points then that will go to your final score of prediction.

Here is an example and my pick:

Colts win
Final score: 31-24 Colts
Bonus Points: MVP Peyton Manning.

You want to know what you are playing for?
Glad you asked…
You are playing for a surprise goody bag from Thoughts about Nothing aka me (kyle)
This will include a couple books, gift cards, and some candy.

The winner will be announced on Monday.
Lets make this awesome and fun.

Get your predictions in now


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  • Joe Cavazos

    31-27 COLTS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    MVP, who else? Peyton

    This should be fun!

    • @kylelreed

      Ok you already have 2 points for the tweet as well.

  • branford

    Colts win.
    MVP: don't want to lose 2 points so i won't say his name.

  • Brett Barner

    My pick:
    FS – 35-27
    MVP – Brees

  • SamuelCutshall

    Colts win 27-20. MVP none other than Tony Clark! just saying.

    • @kylelreed

      you mean Dallas Clark?

  • bondChristian

    My pick: Saints to win, 28-20.

    Not that my pick really matters. I just wrote a post that anyone competing in this needs to read: How I already won the Superbowl contest. The title is self explanatory.

    (Kyle, I figure if anyone tries to compete with these mad skills, you'll end up watching the game from the stands.) :)

    -Marshall Jones Jr.

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  • SamuelCutshall

    Ya your right.Im an idiot! haha

  • christopherpowell

    Saints 38 – Colts 27
    MVP Drew Brees

    (That Super Bowl logo is from 2 years ago, when the game was in Arizona.)

  • Zac Cross

    Saints win
    Final Score: 38 – 33 Saints.
    MVP Drew Brees
    I commented on your sister's blog and also added her to my Google Reader (is that worth any points).
    I also commented on your dad's blog.

  • Zac Cross

    So I now have posted a blogpost and I think I did the trackback thing correctly, but its not showing up yet. Anyways you can read it here! 20 points FTW!