Superbowl Party Plans

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

As the big day approaches (4 days 7Hrs 24Mins 3 sec) I am in preperation for a party. This party is going to be grandious. It is a party centered around a game, but surrounded with fun and fellowship (I sounded like an old minister theere). I am throwing a party for all  my 7/8th grade guys, 64 in all. Now I believe that there will only be about 40-45 show up, but still that is a lot of people and a lot of food consumed. Because I don’t live in a mansion I have to have a plan for the chaos that will ensue. So here is the rundown, let me know what you think. And I would love to hear some ideas that you might have for me:

1) People are going to arrive around 530-600

2) There will be two places to watch the game: Living room which hold 8 people comfortably (30 if you are close with each other) and then in the dinning room (that will probably just hold 12 peroid.

3) The guys are bringing the food. I am having parents bring any food they want. If they bring beer, the more the better (just kidding). I hope there is a lot of chilli.

4) Downstairs we will have four TV’s set up for gaming (xBox 360, PS3, Wii, etc….) havent’t decided if I am going to let them play rated M games like Halo. We will see.

5) Halftime is here. Seeing that none of them except for me will want to watch Bruce Springstein, We will go outside and play football as well as take the milk challenge (read here is you don’t know what the milk challenge is). Anyone who brings a gallon of milk can participate. I hope there will be a lot of throwing up. After receiving an email yesterday, there are some concerns about the milk challenge because I think someone died from it. I am checking into it. But I really don’t want to deprive these guys of that.

6) Game finishes and they go home, hopefully sooner than later. I know it will be like the good ole days of youth ministry when the parents show up an hour later than they are suppose to.
Those are my plans, I hope i didn’t leave anything out. I will have pictures, videos to follow.

Give me some ideas though if you have any. I would love to hear from you.


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  • Nikomas Perez

    you should have them show earlier! Kick off is at 5:00pm

  • Tyler

    …so would you say that the person in question failed the milk challenge? yuk yuk…

  • The Nameless

    No Halo? Come on, let your kids have some fun. I think you should get parents’ permission? Is that hard? And then just keep tabs on them? Halo is fun. So is Call Of Duty. But whatever, your the boss.