Switchfoot-Part 1

Kyle Reed // @kylereed

the new album has hit the stores and with much anticipation. i will admit that i was never a switchfoot fan until the beautiful let down came out and i still consider myself a in-between fan. i have seen them in concert and enjoyed it, they put on a good show. But now the new album has hit stores. i will admit that i really did not care if it was released tuesday or in a month. i thought it would be cool to hear it, but i wasn’t excited about it like some of the kids that are on my floor. as soon as tuesday hit they were at wal-mart buying the cd and ripping off the cover and poping it into their cd players. i was a little nervous for switchfoot. i thought maybe that the new cd would not be as good as their last cd. i thought that maybe they would flop. but boy was i wrong. this cd is better than the other. like i said above, i did not like switchfoot until beautiful let down. i guess i was one of those kids who jumped on the band-wagon. but now with the release of this cd i am without a doubt a fan. jon foreman can write. there is no more to that. just take a look at these lyrics:
she turns like the ocean
she tells no emotion
she’s been gunning down the fight
she’s just reminiscing
blood, sweat and one thing’s missing
she’s been breaking up inside, inside
singing without tongues screaming without lungs
i want more than my lonely nation, i want more than my lonely nation
desperate we are young. separate we are one
i want more than my desperation. i want more than my lonely nation
we are the target market. we set the corporate target
we are slaves of what we want
we’re just numb and amused and we’re just used to bad news
and we are slaves of what we want
lonely, lonely
don’t leave me hollow. i’m tired
don’t leave me hollow. i’m tired of feeling low, of feeling hollow

this song is one of my many favorites. with this song i have decided to rename my blog. i have also decided that this is part one of a multiple part blog that i am going to start and write about.
stay tuned

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  • peters_r_d

    I’m so glad to here you say that the CD doesn’t suck. I too had a pretty skeptical view about his new CD; so, I’m happy to here that Switchfoot will be sticking around for a while.

  • Mandy

    it’s funny to read your review…i just heard the complete opposite…pretty much exact opposite from a friend, Dustin Bagby’s, blog. it’s http://www.dustball.blogspot.com if you want to read his opinion. personally, i haven’t heard the cd, but i’m not a huge fan…i like the older stuff much better.

  • peters_r_d

    Kyle, did you know I live on the same floor as your cousin Nick?

  • Studio 309 Productions

    i totally agree. the new cd is great. the dual-disc special features even better. i like how they still sound like switchfoot, but different (if that makes any sense).
    ps- reeder eats cheesy poofs all day long

  • Kyle

    I knew that he went to sccool there, but I did not know where he was living. \

    ps. Bill you are a fag

  • tyler

    Dustin gave such a convincing review, I doubt I’ll every pay money for their new CD. But I’m glad you like it.

  • Kyle

    I read his review and agreed with some of it. But there is something about this cd that I like. At first I was skeptical, but the more I listed to it I like it.